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  2. Mermaid - bone

    I thought it a harsh comment too. What`s wrong with a novice showing what they are doing? I cant offer any advice, except keep plugging, carving away.
  3. Great Site

    That's so cool. I wished I lived closer. So many talented people live in Japan, I just can`t find any near me.
  4. Walnut for small carvings

    Yes you are right walnut is sometimes to carve and will hide details in the grain. Many years ago I built furniture and made boxes, walnut book matched always came out great. Did a box with a walnut top and carved a dragon in the top. Back then I would work to make my boxes a pleasure to touch, well the top with the Dragon did not want to come out and shine, so I finished the box with the super smooth silky feel and the dragon was very dull finish but the contrast came out unusually good. I was pleased and the lady that purchased it was very excited about it and loved the story of how the box got its different look. Thes 2 pieces are from a walnut crotch area and were for knife handle blanks ,, which finished out smother and silky, to nice for a knife to be used, it went to a friends collection. i think I will be doing leaves ,,, as the wood talks to me ,, when I carve it.
  5. Walnut for small carvings

    I found that the walnut I had was difficult to carve. I sought a smooth surface on the inside of a long, bowl like shape, and the chatoyant ripple grain was very obstinate and made hills and valleys no matter how careful I was. That said, this wood looks beautiful, and I understand why you would want to carve it. I think that wood such as this with a beautiful grain should be carved to show the wood itself, and not try to show off careful, small details. The grain will tend to hide it, in my opinion. A leaf form perhaps with an on-lay of another better-for-detail wood might make a great pendant. Janel "Collection from a summer walk" http://janeljacobson.com/carvings/394.html
  6. Walnut for small carvings

    This is left overs from 4 or 5 years ,,walnut to pretty to throw away, thinking of doing a new Cicada, or a leaf ,pendant ,, or combine the 2 ...Any one got any IDEAS , will consider all suggestions.
  7. Cicada on leaf

    Thank you Ed, that is a fine way to share such work with friends and admirers. So much better than sitting somewhere on a shelf, waiting to be found by lookers. Is the purple heart wood a little stand created for the piece for its display? Good idea. Janel
  8. Cicada on leaf

    The cord is adjusted useing a Chinese sliding knot cord comes out of the stem end of the leaf.
  9. Cicada on leaf

    That is a good way to share a small carving. Is the purple heart base part of the pendant? Show us how it will actually hang? Janel
  10. Cicada on leaf

    Thank you Janel , the Cicada and Leaf was planned to be a pendant , I wanted something different.
  11. Cicada on leaf

    Congratulations for carving those legs! That work is tricky to do. Well done with stylizing the characteristics of the cicada. Janel
  12. Hello from Oak Island, NC

    Hello EldoradoN, Welcome! I look forward to seeing where the above design takes you. Janel
  13. Cicada on leaf

    Andrew I use a chamois wheel on a foredom, it has about 5 layers of chamois, each one is cut so it works into the cuts and around all of the carvings, I spin it on the wax and then spin it on what I am waxing, it heats up enough to bring a good shine to what I am working on. Check out the pics.
  14. Cicada on leaf

    Stunning work that; really lovely. Did you heat the wax after you applied it?
  15. Cicada on leaf

    Base ,Purple Heart. The finish is min wax wood sheen with just a little stain mix, then a wax with carnauba. A small Boxwood cicada on a leaf, table top sculpture or a necklace, to wear.
  16. Hello from Oak Island, NC

    Hello everyone I hope you are having a wonderful day. I am a beginner carver, learning on bone. Still working on obtaining tools, all I have right now is a dremel, and some home made files (lol posicle sticks with sandpaper attached). I live on a very small island in eastern NC, I got into carving as a hobby to help keep my hands and mind busy. I was in a bad car wreck years ago, head trauma has made this learning process much harder but I refuse to give up. I like making hawaiian style hook necklaces, other misc things like bone guitar picks etc. Thanks for having me in the group! <3 ***attached a very rough draft of my first design, The Octo Hook (lol) The piece broke, waiting on glue to dry so I can continue carving...
  17. Mermaid - bone

    This the reason why many of us are hesitant to share our work.
  18. Salutations from Berkeley California

    Hi David, Good to know about the St Paul ACC show. It is not easy or a sure thing with either Smithsonian or ACC. Somehow after off again on again acceptances with Smithsonian, I was accepted three years in a row 2013-15. That third year was a zero sale event for me, and it set a different tone to the year ahead. Success with the big shows were hit or miss when I was doing them in the later years, as the audience that grew the shows has been retiring from collecting, and it sounds like this persists. If there is a wave of younger generations of shoppers, they will be shaping the shows' futures, I think. I remain hopeful for so many artists who have chosen to enter the creative way of life and income production, and dependence on the shows. I also hope that there are viable alternatives, and a nurturing and educating of new audiences. Is there a way to remind me of your coming to the St Paul ACC? We are very busy at that time of year, but we do have to deliver a stack of posters there for an event in May that we produce and participate in where we live. I'd like to meet you there. And, best wishes for a successful event! Janel
  19. Salutations from Berkeley California

    Hi Janel, I am trying hard to do a few less shows and spend a little more time pushing forward at the bench. The Smithsonian and Philly still haven't let me in. I will keep applying and hope that somebody on the jury notices me in the sea of jewelers that apply to those shows. It is hard for me to understand how peoples taste can shift away from beautiful handmade art but I guess the aesthetic pendulum is constantly swinging. It is tricky to put enough time into getting good at something and then manage to stay "relevant". I feel pretty lucky that I have a handful of wonderful buyers/collectors who keep me fed and stocked with materials. I can't believe the weather you are having out there this year. I was cold outside this morning because it was 49 degrees i had to run back inside and grab a scarf to go with my sweatshirt because there was a little breeze. Radiant heating in the studio sounds like a wonderful thing. I have had my share of freezing cold studios and I now make a point of always working in a space with good heat. I am coming to St Paul in April for ACC. Should be fun. Dave
  20. Salutations from Berkeley California

    Thanks Ed. I am trying to make it a point to get back on here more regularly. I want to get more connected with my community of artists.
  21. Favorite Old Tools

    Hi Ed, It is a delight to see your fine tools and the self-made handles. Thank you for posting the good images of them. Have you made them so that if a blade needs replacing you can extract and replace them? Janel
  22. a bit of fun

    Very nice , it is always good to get some fun. Mice are always difficult to carve ,,cause the move so fast and won't sit long to be a good model. Thanks for sharing.
  23. Favorite Old Tools

    A while back somebody asked about favorite carving tools here is some of mine. The box of chisels are from the early 80s they come without handles, one handle and change the blade ,,they are Warren carving tools , in fact all showing here are from Warren Cutlery and Carving ,,,, I turned the handles from walnut they were the first set of chisels I have , use them regularly ,,, the knives are also Warren made the one in the pic with the carving is an LK5 blade this is the 2nd one ,, this one I use a lot and is one of the best knives I have ,,,, they can come with a handle and you change the blade or to the chisel ,,, I like to make my own handles. The rest of the knives all have Warren Blades. On top of the box is the handles you can get from the company I don't like them due to the weight of the Brass to hold the blades. Any question or comments all are welcome.
  24. a bit of fun

    Over Christmas I managed to grab a few hours here and there and whittled this little group from a holly branch, just as a bit of fun. The owls took maybe 3/4 hour each, but the mouse took a lot longer - like 6 hours longer, but in my defense I'd never carved a mouse before. The mouse is smaller than a £1 coin, at about 1cm across.
  25. Salutations from Berkeley California

    Another welcome back ,, your work is excellent and very pleasing to the eye, will be watching for more beautiful art . Thanks for sharing.
  26. Salutations from Berkeley California

    Hello David, It is good to read more about you. The autumn and early winter were busy for me too with almost everything work-related but not creative. You are a busy show person! I used to have a schedule like that, but as my work became more time involved and the client base more limited I focused on Philly, Smithsonian when accepted, one in the Chicago area. I also tried the wood at an ACC show, but not the right one. Now it seems that my client pool has aged out of collecting, the shows for me were hard and expensive to do with zero return the last year I did them. This, after several years of change-over with the audience aging and not so many younger buyers, I have now no way of predicting how the best shows might be doing anymore. They were so good for so many decades, but the audiences, the jurors tastes and the maturing to greatness of the senior artists are all different stories that result in frustration for the artists and their expectations from the "best" (historically) shows that you have been attending. I am glad to read that you continue to explore and grow and look forward to watching what you might share with us. The weather? In Minnesota? Sunny, and not balmy! Yesterday a.m. was -28°F and this morning -24°. The 112 year old house and aging heating system is churning away to keep it at 53° ... the kitchen is being warmed enough with a space heater to make computing comfortable just enough. The cats like to warm their feet on my lap. Soon I will move to the studio that has a more modern heating system, radiant heat in the floor and a new heater. Balmy out there, and I am soon to scrunch my way through the snow to the warm. Thank you for asking! There are cold-hardy surfers that do Lake Superior in the winter, with wet suits. Might you be one of those sorts of folks? If you do visit Minnesota let me know and come to visit. Janel
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