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  2. Braiding jig

    Hi Sebas, Thank you for compiling all of those topics in one place! I added a notice in the Getting Started and Resources area in the event that someone uses that section to learn about things. Smiles to you, Janel
  3. Braiding and Kumihimo topic in Techniques: Sebastián Urresti compiled links to several TCP topics for kumihimo, the marudai, and braiding techniques in the topic linked to in this post.
  4. Braiding jig

    Hello there U.K. Kiwi, Here is a list of articles were you will find a lot of ideas. Kumihimo 1.0 Kumihimo 1.1 Kumihimo Finishing Marudai (This is the name of one the traditional Japanese "jigs" used for braiding) Make Your Own Kumihimo Loom And Weighted Tama Hope this helps. Best, Sebas
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  6. Braiding jig

    Hiya does anyone know of a link on how to make a braiding jig for doing cords for carvings?
  7. Braiding jig

    Hiya does anyone know of a link on how to make a braiding jig for doing cords for carvings?
  8. Kestrel

    Thanks Ed - you're always so kind.
  9. Kestrel

    Very nice well done . David I agree with you about the simplicity of the carving. Looks good, thanks for sharing.
  10. Kestrel

    This was inspired by a photograph on the website of the National Galleries of Scotland - https://www.nationalgalleries.org/art-and-artists/48678/kestrel The artist is Mary Syme Boyd - the carving was done in c.1936. The simplicity of the piece and the sense of menace and power really struck me. My version is about 10 inches high - I used American Walnut. It took me ages. Having gotten the rough shape, I stalled for a few months - anxious about where to start on the detail. I was thrown by the tapering nature - it's like an hour glass. Finally, I decided to start in the middle with the talons. Once these were done, it was relatively plain sailing - the proportions all followed on from the feet! Hope the photos come through ok. David.
  11. Architecture Inspired Carving On Stone

    Just exquisite. Reminded me of John Ruskin's Venetian sketches - unfinished yet poignant.
  12. Hello! I made this little water spirit talisman/netsuke in 2015, "Miss Moisture" She is made from camel bone, rainbow moonstones salvaged from old jewelry, white moonstones, sterling silver. I remade the silver settings to better fit the stones. The inlay on her back is made from ground turquoise and ground freshwater pearl. The inlay was made with the paste technique I described in a previous post. 1 5/16" x 1 1/8 x 3/8" (3.3cm x 2.8cm x 1.0cm)
  13. Throwback Thursday (a day late)

    Hi Janel, It does! Thank you The signature inlay is a carry-over from my metalworking. I have a maker's mark stamp, and I simply stamped it into a little circle of silver, then inlaid that. I ordered the custom stamp for my maker's mark from Rio Grande, and it cost about $70. B
  14. Throwback Thursday (a day late)

    Does the lector's pointer double as a magic wand? I think that the ebony/ivory rings would be very attention grabbing when used as a pointer. Very handsome. I especially like the signature inlay and engraving. Janel
  15. Power Chisel

    Some past talk about power chisels for roughing out your carving. I have 2 types one is a motor with the chisel attached it is made by Auto Mach ,, the other is a flexible shaft made by Wee Cheer ,,that attached to a rotary tool , Dremel. Janel said about hands being tired with carving. The Auto Mach has some weight with it and does get warm holding it. The Flexable shaft made by We cheer is lighter and easy to work,, but does not have as much power as the Auto Mach. The flexible tool was very satisfactory with its power and flexibility , carving ligustrum and Boxwood. The chisels made by Flexcut work in both,, but with the Auto Mach you need a brass spacer. I have attached some pics. Will answer any questions , and I like them both, they both have good and not so good qualities.
  16. Roughing out with power chisel

    Bonnie it was not to delicate yet but the grain was from front to back on the wing ,, clearing the space between the wings and the left wing just broke in half, this was also where the grain was changing color ,,just starting spalting.
  17. Throwback Thursday (a day late)

    Thank, you, Niky! B
  18. Throwback Thursday

    a lathe is the the way to make a kagamibuta easily and perfect fit Niky http://nikysenater.com/
  19. Throwback Thursday (a day late)

    excellent work Niky http://nikysenater.com/
  20. Throwback Thursday (a day late)

    Hello all, I made this lector's pointer back in 2013. A good friend had just gotten her master's degree in archaeology. She was lecturing and teaching classes regularly, and lamented that she had no good pointer stick to use. I thought I should make her one. I put a hornet on it to help her keep all the students' attention on her lecturing- because everyone in the room pays very close attention to what's going on if there's a hornet in the space! It is 25" long with a 3/4" handle. Main shaft made of cedar, with rose cane, mammoth ivory, Siberian jet, copper, ebony, and sterling silver in the grip and other components . sketches pre-inlay mammoth section, roughed-in hornet the sections were screwed and epoxied together hornet with finished paste inlay of Siberian jet pointer tip, alternating layers of ebony and mammoth ivory maker's mark cartouche on end of handle
  21. Roughing out with power chisel

    Ed, Sounds like a delicate process. Sometimes it just goes that way I guess. Better luck with the next one! Bonnie
  22. Throwback Thursday (a day early)

    hi Ed, Initially I put it there for scale, but decided that a dime might be a clearer object to use. Eventually I went ahead and lacquered the dollar fragment on there, though,, because I thought why not? A little material support talisman couldn't hurt
  23. Throwback Thursday (a day early)

    An off the wall question. Why the corner with the fold of the dollar bill. You don't have to answer if you don't want to.
  24. Roughing out with power chisel

    One more hits the firewood pile. Carving the wings useing the grain of the wood ,, the grain of the branch that was going to be the cicada ran just almost the length of the wing , with just enough pressure I broke it ,, and it was easy. Was hoping to use the grain with the wing, it had some nice color changes. I should have known better , I did but went for it any way. new one tomorrow .
  25. Throwback Thursday (a day early)

    Thank you for that information. It is good to know about the wood/cellulose to CA glue reaction. Not much time to work with it once started I guess. Janel
  26. My Jade Carving

    Thanks Bonnie, The lip is translucent - I have attached a few photos of making it..
  27. My Jade Carving

    Hi Raj, Nice first one- I like the little translucent area on the lip. Or is that a lighter spot on the stone? Do you have more photos with different views? Bonnie
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