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  2. Hi everyone, here's one I just finished. Sorry the photo's awful but I finished late and had to grab a snap outside the post-office. Symbols are ship's wheel, water-lily, foliage, heart/lock/horseshoe, twist-stem, on the back the tendrils form a never-ending knot. Wood is a recycled mahogany or sapele
  3. Hi, I am trying to help a member to find where on TCP a particular topic that a member is striving to find in the archives. He states: "When I joined I found in the searches that I made, a set of images that depicted a carving station that was ingenious yet simple. I can no longer seem to locate said collection of postings. It was simply a Plastic pallet set upon the top of a Rubbermaid 35ish gallon trash can with a recirc pump set up in the bottom...etcetera." We would very much appreciate extra help on this search, with our thanks for your efforts! Janel
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  5. Welcome August, what is the new material?
  6. Mark a lot of roughing out,I do with sanding drums, corse to fine grit, with wood I use a reciprocal carver , not dust but shavings and chips. The cutters I have for rotary are some HSS and some carbide , most are small, I have a couple 1/4 shank carbide cutters that I use with the Foredom, they are aggressive and remove a lot of wood quickly. Then for fine detail and finish work I have a 120 bit set of diamond bits from very fine to corse grits. Since I mostly work with woods I prefer carving with chisels or knives, a lot quieter and easier to clean up after.
  7. Thanks for the replies, could you recommend some bit and burr names , sizes, types? Thanks!
  8. Hello August! Welcome to the forum. Janel
  9. Can anyone direct me to a thread on this subject or if not im looking for advice on polishing more complicated welo opal carvings . Any input would be appreciated !
  10. Hello, Im August. Ive been carving for around 15 years. Ive been working with some new materials and would like to get some advice on polishing! Thanks for having me! August
  11. Hi, As admin/owner of the forum, I am responsible for paying the fees to keep the forum on line for all viewers and participants to use and learn from. The fees are going up, mostly because of the full size images that have been posted in the past. The monthly fee has been $30, and the next step up will be $45 per month. This is making it hard for me to bear the costs alone to simply maintain the database for almost no evidence of participation by members. Are there generous souls amongst the readers and members who might help keep the forum available to all by sharing in the costs required to keep the forum on line? If yes, please PM me or email me and we can discuss options privately. Thank you, Janel PS: please when you post images, follow the guidelines that appear at the head of each forum area. Thank you.
  12. Mart I have a couple Dremel tools ,do some sanding some carving with different cutters, I also have a Foredom wit a foot pedal for speed control ,l use that more than the Dremel tool. As far as the Proxxon tools I do have a small belt sander that works well. If I was going to buy now a rotary tool I would want one wit a foot pedal with the speed control.
  13. Hi all, I'm an absolute beginner and have just cut some disks out of deer antler. I'm going to purchase a used Dremel or Proxxon with a flex shaft. I know a better maker would be best, but I don't think I'll be doing any real detail work with a rotary tool for a long time. Mostly "hogging" and rough work I think. What I'd like to know is what tips would you recommend for this type of work. I'll be attempting some plain Manju type netsuke, or maybe simple disk shapes with a silver piece set into it. No real design work with the rotary tool. I'm thinking some rough sanding cylinders , and maybe carbide carving cylinders shaped burr, and round carbide burr. Am I close? Thanks, Mart D
  14. Thanks for the welcome! Honestly I stumbled across some images of very simple Manju netsuke, just discs or ovals really, and I said " hey I can do that!" thats about all i can probabaly do too, also a simple shape might be easy to accept my silverwork
  15. Welcome to you, Martin! What inspired you to learn to carve manju netsuke? Janel
  16. Hi all, I'm Martin, a Yank expat in Japan. Just discovered antler carving recently and would like to attempt some simple " Manju " netsuke from some antlers I've collected hiking in my area. Will be asking about dremels and the like and simple chisels and hand tools. If there's anybody else in Japan or in the Kansai area would like to hear from you. I've been doing simple silver castings for just over a year and would also like to perhaps incorporate the two eventually. Nice to meet you
  17. small world, I'm in Llanbradach.
  18. That is fantastic! Thank you for sharing this! Kindest, Heidi
  19. Hi Im interested in casting, I want to try carving tufa first but I got confused about what kinda stone is used exactly. According to an artists website (Eric Begay) tufa is a volcanic ash... but other sources say (wikipedia) that tufa is a limestone and the volcanic ash is called tuff... Which one is used for casting?
  20. Dear Friends, I am sharing with you a bolo tie I carved recently which depicts a moose and the leather strips are decorated at the both ends with acorns and oak leaves.
  21. Thank you Ed for sharing!
  22. Hello John and welcome! What you do sounds very unique! Can't wait to see some of your works. Lots of great people here and loads of information from past posts. I have not been here very long but it's been a real treat to look back at all of the information gathered here over the years! Kind regards, Heidi
  23. I was searching the other night and found several forums about wood carving. I have started working with this medium as I have been making and shooting muzzle loading rifles for some years now and I have seen on some very old original ones some very beautiful carved stocks. Most are on walnut followed closely by striped maple. I recently bought a high speed air carver (400k RPM) and have started learning how to use it on some of my scrap pieces of walnut. I also have read about 15 books so far on all types of carving and this seems a very interesting hobby. Many years ago I used to work with a duck carver named Del Herbert of San Diego and he did really beautiful ducks so possibly one day........? Thanks, John
  24. this is the link to Tom Sterling Pdf Book. Fantastic book lots of great information.
  25. Hello Nonna and welcome! My goodness yes this one is gorgeous. I am new and Jade is a material which I will be working with soon. Just finishing up my bench set up and waiting for some rough stone to arrive! Do you have any pieces that you've made? Kind regards, Heidi
  26. I'm a little partial to Jade since thats my real middle name, it is beautiful! I'd love to see more of the Jade?!
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