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  1. Good carvings great art work. I also like the owl, and the Eagles head. Thanks for sharing ,,will be looking for more in the future.
  2. Welcome August, what is the new material?
  3. Mark a lot of roughing out,I do with sanding drums, corse to fine grit, with wood I use a reciprocal carver , not dust but shavings and chips. The cutters I have for rotary are some HSS and some carbide , most are small, I have a couple 1/4 shank carbide cutters that I use with the Foredom, they are aggressive and remove a lot of wood quickly. Then for fine detail and finish work I have a 120 bit set of diamond bits from very fine to corse grits. Since I mostly work with woods I prefer carving with chisels or knives, a lot quieter and easier to clean up after.
  4. Mart I have a couple Dremel tools ,do some sanding some carving with different cutters, I also have a Foredom wit a foot pedal for speed control ,l use that more than the Dremel tool. As far as the Proxxon tools I do have a small belt sander that works well. If I was going to buy now a rotary tool I would want one wit a foot pedal with the speed control.
  5. http://wood.woodtools.nov.ru/books/carv_netsuke/carv_netsuke.pdf this is the link to Tom Sterling Pdf Book. Fantastic book lots of great information.
  6. Thanks for the input ,,will go back and look again,,, seen some like that but I may have not looked at it liked you did. Tanks Heidi.
  7. I have this for over a year, look at it looking for some idea , looking for the wood to show me, what to carve. The out sides are very busy with lots of openings, twisting grain .etc . I am hoping someone will see something that I didn't. I'm almost ready to cut the outside to flat so I can do some carving. I hate to cut away such interesting grain, but I can't seem to find something to work with. Any and all ideas ,suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  8. Very nice work , I like the gecko. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Excellent carvings, I am trying to develop my carving to more small and new works. I like the ones you have shown and I will be looking to see more in the future. This is one of my hands that I have done. Planning on one more later.
  10. I started wood working in the 60s. This led me to furniture building as needed for family use. As a young boy, the son of a furniture builder at New Orleans Funiture Mfg. I Remember seeing an old carver laying out a carving and then picking up his mallet and chisel an stated carving , saying to my self I would love to that. My career was in the Fire Services for 34 years and as fireman I had to work partime, so I went to wood working, building furniture, repairing, refinishing, and so on. As I collected tools and my skill got better moved to custom made furniture, to one of a kind art styled furniture, then to wood turning, custom made boxes, some with carvings. All went good till 2005 Hurricane Katrina, 4+ feet water. Lost studio , tools , house. But all is good. I retired as Deputy Chief and now living in an apartment building for retired people. Due to space I do wood carvings in a walk-in closet, and outside sitting under a large Oak and enjoying every bit of it. Thanks for asking and starting this topic. I enjoy seeing and useing TCP.
  11. Janel on some of the woods it seems like it does go into the wood . What I do is use some chamois wheels to clean of the carving before I finish. Most of my finishing is with carnauba wax, it is a hard block of wax I spin my buffing wheel on the block at a high speed , then go to the carving an apply the wax finish. If I use some type of oil finish after the polishing compound it did not seem to have any effect on the final finish. I have used the min wax wood sheen, after the polishing.
  12. Excellent Artistic Design. Great work, thanks for sharing.
  13. I use small bits and I start at a slow speed and speed up until I find a good cutting or grinding speed that is comfortable to work at. I use a foredom with a foot pedal ,, don't have any idea what the rpm s are except full speed.
  14. I also carve exotic woods for jewelry. The use of sand paper I keep to a minunimum .. My finishing after sanding with 400 and some cloth like 1000 and then I use polishing compound, and finish with carnauba wax. Polish compound can be found at lowes and other hardware runs from black to white, black coarse ,,,white the finest. Use a small rotary polishing wheel. You may be surprised at results. Ebony and pink Ivory wood all polished and waxed.
  15. Looks like a good challenge ,,, I do not work with stone,,, looks very interesting ,,, come back and show the finished work. Thanks for sharing.