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  1. All ready into lapidary and faceting, looking for design guidance, and any additional info that might come up.
  2. looking more for the kind of carving that Henry Hunt discussed in his books nowhere near faceting. TP
  3. Thanks for the reply, Have visited the Old Pueblo Lapidary Club, and no one there knew of any gemstone carving classes, there is one famous carver in the area but they do not like to teach. Any additional suggestions TP
  4. Are there any classes available in the Tucson, AZ area? Interested in freeform gemstone carvings. Any other resources that might be helpful? Thanks TP
  5. On the rock tumbling hobby group they discuss using a brake bleeder hand pump and a bell jar to draw the vacuum to stablize small amounts of material.
  6. I am in the process of learning gem stone carving, have been practicing on obsidian and other misc materials found in my buckets of rough. Took a lesson to learn the basics, a three fluted free form cabachon to learn how to use the machine and get introduced to the process of carving with diamond points, and polishing with diamond grit. Does any one have a series of projects that would walk a person through the process of carving increasingly complex patterns to advance their skill set? Thanks TP
  7. Can anyone on the forum offer advise on building a single point carving tool. what size chuck is needed how fast does the tool run and any other advise on its construction. Thanks TP
  8. I would like to build a similar machine, can you offer any advise what size of motor, what speed do you run it at do you need the morse taper chuck, and any other advise you might have on building a carving machine. Thanks T P
  9. Can deer and elk antler be straightened? I am making knife handles and have cut out all of the good straight sections in the antler I have available. Any suggestions Terry
  10. You might want to go to this site, has a tutorial on stone beads, and how he makes them. Used this technique for a few jade and common opal beads last year for Christmas presents here is the link http://www.lopacki.com/howto/