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  1. Hello Nonna and welcome! My goodness yes this one is gorgeous. I am new and Jade is a material which I will be working with soon. Just finishing up my bench set up and waiting for some rough stone to arrive! Do you have any pieces that you've made? Kind regards, Heidi
  2. That's awesome Peter thanks for sharing! Gosh that jeweler's saw photo just brought back so many memories of snapped blades : )
  3. You're welcome Ed! And sometimes things show up differently in photos compared to real life, so these things may not even show up at all but I'd be curious to find out what you see after looking. Kindest, Heidi
  4. Hi Ivan! Thank you for posting these photos - this is a great collection of tools. I do not know what the symbol is on this bottom photo is, but I bet someone here will! These remind me of the tools I would see when I was a little girl on my great grandfather's workbench. I do not know what happened to them now that I think about it! Welcome to the forum! Kindest, Heidi
  5. Top photo - I see animal heads in the wind, going from right to left. Far right I see an equine like shape of a head, and then a lion of sorts a little farther over. Tried to outline but it did not turn out well.
  6. Hello Hako , it is nice to meet you. I am new here, and have been admiring the works posted. Your pendant at the top of the post is beautiful! Thank you for sharing and hope to see more of your pieces. Kindest, Heidi
  7. Thank you for sharing! The seahorse is my favorite!
  8. Hi Charla! Yes Lapis stone is what this little piece is, or at least they said so at the shop. It was not very expensive, so I thought it might be good to start with. (it's the really deep, vibrant shades of blue without much white or other colors that seem to be way more expensive!) You are going to have many requests for more of those paddles from teammates! Kindest, Heidi
  9. Oh wow! I love the deck set up! I remember the wonderful scents of the flowers and lush green of the Hilo area. Thank you for posting this.
  10. Thank you Janel! That is a good idea. I was originally thinking something from the ceiling but a bracket on the wall would be far easier to move if needed. I also bolted the bench to the wall, so it is extremely sturdy now and no space for anything to slip behind!
  11. I got this little slab of Lapis the other day, and I think I will start working on a simple pendant as soon as my Dremel arrives. I think the lines in it look like a little landscape or seascape. I'll let you know as it progresses.
  12. Well, I am getting closer! Now just waiting for the Dremel to arrive as well as set up of some storage. Need to figure out how I'll hang the Dremel motor but that shouldn't be too involved. I'd like to first start carving away with as little as possible so that I can add storage etc as I find the need for it, rather than setting up a bunch of stuff and having it be not quite right or not needed at all. Might get a little magnetic strip for the wall just to keep bits I use all the time handy. And for lighting - that LED light was $30 at Costco. Great price on a light that puts out a LOT of bright light in case anyone is looking for lighting ideas.
  13. Hi Charla! This is great I really like the lines of the wood and how they contrast with the color of the bone. What are the measurements of it? Great tiny details - I really like it! Heidi
  14. Sounds great David, would love to see it!
  15. Here is the start of my bench. This little set up was just $75 at Home Depot. It came pre-assembled and all I had to do was open the box, fold it out and stand it up. I am waiting for the waterproofing to dry but once that is finished I can start adding to it It is the perfect width - narrow enough to pull my car into the garage yet long enough to have a few stations for working. When I am working on projects I can move the car out. Sturdy little thing too. I only have a one car garage and no basement, and I did not want to start carving in the house due to added dust. This I think is a good little start. I am waiting on my Dremel 9100 to arrive, and will begin some simple shelving once the bench is dry. Now I just need a landscape painting to put up on the wall, to pretend like I have a window!