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  1. Kestrel

    Very nice well done . David I agree with you about the simplicity of the carving. Looks good, thanks for sharing.
  2. Power Chisel

    Some past talk about power chisels for roughing out your carving. I have 2 types one is a motor with the chisel attached it is made by Auto Mach ,, the other is a flexible shaft made by Wee Cheer ,,that attached to a rotary tool , Dremel. Janel said about hands being tired with carving. The Auto Mach has some weight with it and does get warm holding it. The Flexable shaft made by We cheer is lighter and easy to work,, but does not have as much power as the Auto Mach. The flexible tool was very satisfactory with its power and flexibility , carving ligustrum and Boxwood. The chisels made by Flexcut work in both,, but with the Auto Mach you need a brass spacer. I have attached some pics. Will answer any questions , and I like them both, they both have good and not so good qualities.
  3. Roughing out with power chisel

    Bonnie it was not to delicate yet but the grain was from front to back on the wing ,, clearing the space between the wings and the left wing just broke in half, this was also where the grain was changing color ,,just starting spalting.
  4. Roughing out with power chisel

    A while back I was talking about roughing out with a reciprocating power chisel, instead of rotary power ,with a lot of dust ,,, you have a pile of chips. I am not finished with the power chisel carving, but soon I will go to hand tools. Got this want to cave a new cicada out of Ligustrum.
  5. Throwback Thursday (a day early)

    An off the wall question. Why the corner with the fold of the dollar bill. You don't have to answer if you don't want to.
  6. Roughing out with power chisel

    One more hits the firewood pile. Carving the wings useing the grain of the wood ,, the grain of the branch that was going to be the cicada ran just almost the length of the wing , with just enough pressure I broke it ,, and it was easy. Was hoping to use the grain with the wing, it had some nice color changes. I should have known better , I did but went for it any way. new one tomorrow .
  7. Great Site

    http://take64.wixsite.com/musi/blank-10?lightbox=dataItem-j38dfolr found this site and the works are Fantistic . Check it out. If you like cicadas ,dragonflies, butterflies , or any other insects you will like this site. It is a little slow when the pics come up but it is worth the wait.
  8. First/Early Pieces?

    Fabulous . Great carving. Thanks for sharing. ,,,,, did I say I like it?
  9. Clover Key Sun sashi netsuke (in progress)

    To keep small tools from rounding over with stropping ,, use your stropping compound on wood. will take picture and post if requested .
  10. Boxwood Root, what to do with it?

    No it is a small carving about 2 1/2 inches long.
  11. I have this for over a year, look at it looking for some idea , looking for the wood to show me, what to carve. The out sides are very busy with lots of openings, twisting grain .etc . I am hoping someone will see something that I didn't. I'm almost ready to cut the outside to flat so I can do some carving. I hate to cut away such interesting grain, but I can't seem to find something to work with. Any and all ideas ,suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  12. Clover Key Sun sashi netsuke (in progress)

    I am also partial to hand tools . When I am caving I prefer to listen to some good music and carve. The power caving is only when I want to attract attention at outdoor shows. That is what I was doing when my friend Mark said I was just cheating, all in good fun. We were both at the same show, selling and caving.
  13. Boxwood Root, what to do with it?

    I decided what to do with the root. The cicada and the root came from the same Boxwood bush, so I will put them together. What do you think.
  14. Clover Key Sun sashi netsuke (in progress)

    On making your own tools. If it works for you ,good, and share so others can see. I have made some out of HSS. Steel some out of old drill bits cheap ones and expensive ones. They all work well, served my need and purposely the time. I have made some knives , some blades purchased from Warren Cutlery and Carving Tools, some hand made. On what other people say, I have a good friend that is a classically EuropeanTrained wood worker and Carver, and turner. He is excellent in both fields ,much better than I am. On dating was working on a carving using a knife ,he said to me that I was only whittling , just joking , then when I pulled out my power carver ,, he said that I was cheating. Mark and I are good friends and like each other's work.
  15. Magnifying glasses

    I got this a couple years back at Office Depot, 50 or 60 $$ it has led lights around the lens worked well for me. I needed both the light and the magnifier .
  16. They Way We Are, Go And Have Been?

    Was in Oregon in the early 60s loved it and would like to go back there. Getting scraps from Gilmer Wood, lucky.
  17. Hurricane Nate

    We were very lucky with Hurricane Nate, tree limbs mostly some trees down ,,some water across some of the roads, all are open now.power off for a while back on now. Mississippi Gulf Coast was lucky this time. No damage to where I live which is 2 blocks from the Mississippi Sound. The water that is between the Barrier Islands and the Land.
  18. Small Shorebird

    Stated this a while back, a small shore bird out of walnut. Working on it as I can, as the pain will let me, cannot sit vey long,,,wondering go detail or go to a stylized look? Have done some in the past ,all of them were a light colored wood,,Bass, Box , sycamore , etc. any thoughts?
  19. Small Shorebird

    As for the pain it is in my hip, and will be there for a while.
  20. Small Shorebird

    That is what I was thinking ,, and for the finish ,to polish and wax to bring the color and the grain up and be part of the carving.
  21. Tools for detailing bone

    Janel thanks for sharing your video , I watched it a few years back and enjoyed it then and now. You show a easy way for new carvers and It applies to larger carving with larger tools , I made a tool after seeing your video from a 3/16 drill bit just to carve the inside of a small flower that I did. Again Thanks for sharing and inspiring me and many others.
  22. Dragons, Novice mistake. Oh no.

    With wood I have taken some sanding dust ,the finer the better, and mix with some glue , with wood a good wood glue works well ,, with bone I don't know what glue you use. I try to have almost twice the amount of sand dust that I think I will need mix with glue to a wet putty looking mixture, some times I will add a drop or 2 of water, coat both pieces with the mixture and put them together and remove the squeez out and fill in all cracks chips, and after glue cures , dries, sand,or scrape smooth. I don't have any pics to show ,but would be glad to take some and show.
  23. how can i burnish ebony

    I agree completely with you Janel, I do sanding on a lot of carvings. I get some of the disposable chopsticks to use as sanding sticks, can cut them to the length and shave down to the size you need, most buffets will let you have some extras.
  24. Tools for detailing bone

    Beautiful art work and great carving. Janel thanks for sharing.
  25. Tools for detailing bone

    I so far have not tried bone ,, mostly because of the dust. As far as Dremel type rotary tools , I would try sanding drums with a variable speed motor ,,, that is what I did at first with many different type of exotic hardwoods, the Corse grit has less burn marking. Fine grits to finish with light touching.