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  1. Winter Sports

    80 mm & 110mm
  2. Winter Sports

    Several figures of athletes of winter sports 73 mm & 85 mm
  3. Miniature Air Rifle

    under Ukrainian law you would be put in jail for illegal manufacturing of weapons. Wonderful work.
  4. Wax Carving Casting Silver

    sumo wrestler height 34ΠΌΠΌ
  5. Sumo Wrestlers

    new photos
  6. Wax Carving Casting Silver

    Thanks Tony.
  7. New Work (Finally)

    wonderful. What tree is used?
  8. Wax Carving Casting Silver

    Casting the other served as master of my wax model height 25 mm weight in silver is about 80 grams
  9. new works in work

    next chervonopartizansky forester beech 60*38*35 mm
  10. new works in work

    next 90*70*40 mm
  11. new works in work

  12. Girl Dress Fastens

    Thank you, Christophe. I use a coating of wax and turpentine
  13. Girl Dress Fastens

    I feel I am better, but for now this is all that is obtained from the olive tree
  14. Sumo Wrestlers

    80*60*50 mm pear tree