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  1. I Finally Tried It

    Another successful and very pleasing carving Janel! I have quite enjoyed carving bone myself and the more you do the more the look changes from one piece to the next.
  2. Sealing Mammoth Ivory

    What little ivory I have had I put into a mineral oil (un-scented) to soak for a couple of weeks, this process works well if your going to be storing ivory for any amount of time. I seal any voids, defects in ivory to be worked with cyanoacrylate where needed and then when finished I use Renaissance Wax on all my completed projects. A small tin goes a long way! http://www.conservationresources.com/Main/section_39/section39_08.htm
  3. Konnichiwa From Kobe, Japan

    Welcome to The Carving Path Dane! Fine turning work, can you tell me more about the "see-saw" looking piece? Wife lived in and around Kobe for a short while, she loved it there and often talks of returning for a visit.
  4. Tortoise Shell Eye Glasses

    Splendid! Thanks for sharing Larry, it is always a treat to see how others craft objects.
  5. Nsk Volvere Vmax New Un-Used

    NSK has been SOLD. Thank You!
  6. New Territory

    That's a Beauty Janel!!!
  7. Hello From Bulgaria :)

    Welcome Evgeni, Beautiful work!
  8. Hello From The Midwest.

    Welcome Tim!
  9. Nsk Volvere Vmax New Un-Used

    Yes Janel it is a complete package. Control unit, corded handpiece, foot control, handpiece rest w/collet wrench, and handpiece holder for the side of the control unit. I purchased an older version Volvere a few years back, used the puddin' out it and it ran like a top! This newer unit should carry the same mileage I would think. I had looked at the Emax as well, but couldn't justify the added expense of the additional handpiece. I intended to have a NSK Presto to go with it, so it made sense to stay with the single handpiece control unit. If I weren't living in an apartment for another 3 yrs I wouldn't be selling it. Thought I would give it another shot, I am not out anything if it doesn't sell.
  10. Nsk Volvere Vmax New Un-Used

    NSK VOLVERE VMax with 15 minutes use on it, still available: $675 shipped USPS Priority to anywhere in the lower 48. Ebay will follow...
  11. Maori Carving By Gus

    I think it turned out really well Gus, it is pleasing to look at.
  12. Te Whare O Tangaroa

    Incredible work Billy! Such a Beautiful material with richness and deep representation, Well Done.
  13. Skulls

    Well Done Brett! I like the details you added.
  14. Nsk Volvere Vmax New Un-Used

    I need to part with the NSK Volvere Vmax I just purchased a bit ago... Edit:SOLD Thanks.