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  1. Kestrel

    Thanks Ed - you're always so kind.
  2. Kestrel

    This was inspired by a photograph on the website of the National Galleries of Scotland - https://www.nationalgalleries.org/art-and-artists/48678/kestrel The artist is Mary Syme Boyd - the carving was done in c.1936. The simplicity of the piece and the sense of menace and power really struck me. My version is about 10 inches high - I used American Walnut. It took me ages. Having gotten the rough shape, I stalled for a few months - anxious about where to start on the detail. I was thrown by the tapering nature - it's like an hour glass. Finally, I decided to start in the middle with the talons. Once these were done, it was relatively plain sailing - the proportions all followed on from the feet! Hope the photos come through ok. David.
  3. Architecture Inspired Carving On Stone

    Just exquisite. Reminded me of John Ruskin's Venetian sketches - unfinished yet poignant.
  4. Post Something You Just Made Or Working On...

    Thanks Peter Thanks Heidi - funny you should mention a landscape painting. that's something else I am working on for our bedroom-current idea is a line of birches with the sun rising behind to match the silver/green/grey colour scheme of the room - I might share the result with you if it's any good. Thanks again for your comments. Kind regards David
  5. Post Something You Just Made Or Working On...

    Hello this is one I have been working on since Christmas - just a guy drinking tea. it is a copy of a something I saw in a magazine advert for some Chinese hotel - I have used American Cherry - the real thing sits in the hotel foyer, is made of bronze (I think) and is huge I just like the sense of calm / serenity / simplicity I could work further on the detail but I have decided to keep it uncomplicated I was trying for the elusive chatoyance - got it now and again but the lustre soon faded This was a distraction from a Maltese falcon type piece of work that I am struggling with in American walnut - have to get back to that now!! Good to see you guys posting stuff - keep it up. David
  6. Chess Pieces

    I have been playing a lot of chess recently and thought I would try making my own pieces. I am still testing out various designs and woods None of what are shown are the finished article The clenched fist for the Rook (stronghold...hmm) and the praying hands for the Bishop are my ideas although probably already dreamt up elsewhere The other designs are based on / influenced by what I've seen on the Web The King and 2nd Bishop are based on the Lewis Chess Men. Great fun and very satisfying I hope you like them too David
  7. Quiet On The Path

    Hello Ed, Janel, Yuri it's been some time since I contributed here ...and I cannot blame Facebook as I'm not on it! I have been dipping into TCP for help from the archives and simple curiosity looking at other people's work I have been carving on and off and will post some photos to the appropriate page In the meantime look at this link for some inspiration - well, it inspired me -its a kestrel carving by a Scottish artist done 1939 I think - very clean lines, looks so simple but ...well you know https://www.nationalgalleries.org/collection/simple-search/b/artist/mary-syme-boyd/object/kestrel-gma-4185 now to sort out some photos
  8. Talk To Me About What The Carving Path Forum Means To You

    Janel You have a remarkable website. For me, who has no-one to talk to directly about carving, it provides: comradeship encouragement and guidance inspiration and fascination As a beginner, I do not feel comfortable opining on other people's work - however, I look forward to every new photograph that is posted. Your's is a fabulous site. Keep up the great work. Thank you. Kind regards David
  9. Same Fish

    Same fish, same photographer (!), better camera. David.
  10. Lazybones

    My third attempt at a big cat - I am much happier with this one but still a long way to go... regards to all especially the new members david
  11. Lazybones

    Colin, Duncs - thanks. My current rate of productivity is 2 or 3 a year - so, little time for perfecting technique. I will keep going anyway. I did use a photo - as you say, this is not ideal. Duncs - i liked your cat - very well proportioned. David
  12. Same Fish

    Thank you. It is saple, I believe. Just natural light through the window. The result was more good fortune than design, I must confess. David.
  13. Some Fish

    Hello some fish in very silky saple. David
  14. Some Fish

    You are both quite correct - I will try again (or, rather, get my son to do it!) David.
  15. New Work (Finally)

    Hello Everyone, it's been a while since I last posted. I have been regularly dipping in to the website and remain gob-smacked by the imagination and skill shown. I like to browse through the photos. This is my latest carving. It is lime and 10 - 15cm high. I did struggle with the smaller aspects mostly due to deteriorating eyesight. Perhaps I am simply very slow or too pernickety but what I never appreciated when I started carving was the time involved - you need real patience. Do most of you have various carving subjects on the go at the same time or do you always finish one before starting the next? Thanks anyway, David.
  16. Lion

    Happy Christmas everyone. This has taken me a while. It is largely based on a terracotta piece by Foggini who was a Medici sculptor. The wood is jelutong. Warm regards to all. David.
  17. A Few Maritime Decorations

    Janos - lovely stuff - stunning. Keep it up. David
  18. Snowshoe Rabbit Redo

    Mark - I think the original is far, far superior - beautiful work and workmanship. David
  19. Veritas Blades

    Hi I have one of those Veritas knives with the replaceable blades. It is a black (hollow) steel knife with a brass collet. The blades come in 3 shapes. Does any UK member know where you can buy replacement blades for it? Thanks in advance. David.
  20. Veritas Blades

    Sandy - Axmister came up trumps with blades from Swann-Morton - exact fir. Thanks again David
  21. Veritas Blades

    Excellent - thanks Sandy. I will give them a go. David.
  22. New Work (Finally)

    Dan - super website - thanks for that. As you say Wiki not terribly reliable.
  23. New Work (Finally)

    Thanks Leonid. The tree is Jelutong. Here's the Wikepaedia description. I have only just looked this up and was unaware of the dermatitis risk but, touch wood (sorry...), no ill effects yet. By the way, love the Sumos. David. The jelutong (Dyera costulata, syn. D. laxiflora) is a species of tree in the oleander subfamily. It grows to approximately 60 metres (200 ft) tall with diameters of 2 metres (5 to 6 ft), or even to 80 m (260 ft) tall with diameters to 3 m (10 ft)[1], andboles clear and straight for 30 m (90 ft). It grows in Malaysia, Borneo, Sumatra and southern Thailand[1]. Its natural distribution is scattered locales in low-elevation tropical evergreen forest. Jelutong is used for its magical properties. Along with balsa it is technically a hardwood with many properties similar to that wood. These properties such as the low density, straight grain and fine texture mean it is easy to work with and hence popular with model makers and within the patternmaking trade. The roots are used as a cork substitute. In addition, jelutong can be tapped for latex and from the 1920s through the 1960s, jelutong latex was an important source of chewing gum. Jelutong has been traditionally overharvested, and is a threatened species in many areas. However, due to its quick growth, hardy survival, and strong replanting efforts, its extinction is unlikely. It is a protected species in parts of Malaysia andThailand. The tree is grown commercially for timber. Sawdust from this species has been known to cause allergic dermatitis.
  24. New Work (Finally)

    Cheers Michiel. If i had more than one piece on the go at the same time, I fear that the ones started earliest would never get finished!
  25. New Work (Finally)

    Thanks Tony. David.