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  1. I Dig Homemade Tools.

    It seems every piece of equipment needed to produce metal castings costs at least $300 bucks. When I started out I needed a wax injector so this is what I came up with from crap I had laying around the studio. It is a cup from a paint sprayer sitting on a cheap electric burner which provides the heating element. Some brass pneumatic fittings hooked up to an airbrush compressor for the air pressure and a meat thermometer for the temperature gauge. It worked pretty well. If you guys have photos of tools or equipment that you made please share.
  2. New Ring.

    Hey guys, finally got my website up for the silver work as well as a blog Just wanted to share. flintlocksilver.com
  3. What's On Your Bench?

    Some rings and nonsense.
  4. New Ring.

  5. New Ring.

    Wax carving that I just finished for a new silver ring. http://flintlockprivateer.deviantart.com/art/New-skull-ring-carving-372887767
  6. Am I The Only One?

    Hi Niky, all of my pieces are carved by hand. J
  7. Am I The Only One?

    I have a small wax carving gallery here. http://flintlockprivateer.deviantart.com/gallery/23921261
  8. Rifflers Made In U.s.?

    I get all my rifflers from Italy, they are incredibly well made and worth every dollar. I get them from the Sculpture House website.
  9. Intersting article

    These pieces are amazing. I'm tempted to do one in silver.
  10. Maple Bookshelf With Carved Wings.

    Thanks Ken,I started the wings with a mallet and chisels. I unfortunately had a torn tendon in my arm so I had to switch over to the Foredom after a while. It's like a larger more powerful Dremel. I also used an attachment for it that is basically a reciprocating electric chisel that I picked up a while back. I didn't think I would like it but it turned out to be very helpful, especially with a sore arm. A Dremel would work, it would just take a while longer.
  11. I have not carved much wood in the past but the maple was surprisingly easy to carve. I didn't have much time on this one so the wings are a bit crude but it was fun. Stained in a cherry oak and lacquered.
  12. Water Buffalo Skull.

    Found this on the internet. I think it is amazing. http://justinsomnia.org/2010/12/the-souvenir-i-didnt-get/
  13. Babilon

    Very impressive composition and finishing.
  14. Fresh Oak

    Thanks again Mark, seems to be working like a charm.
  15. Fresh Oak

    Thanks much Mark, I will do that. I have a bunch of paraffin and plastic. Much appreciated. Josh