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    linconshire england
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    sculpture,ceramics and glass ,woodcarving hiking poles
  1. A new project under way carved from lime wood and rams horn for the horn of the animal, to be mounted on a hazel shank.As of yet uncomplete needs modification to back of head eyes and glass eyes inserting. but work in progress a few photos of the steps followed of the carving ,the cutting and shaping of the rams horn, and the overall basic shape
  2. A quick project for hikingpoles carved from lime wood and placed on a hazel shank. 1st 5 photos of malleard remaining of a black bellied whistling duck.The eyes still need cleaning on the last photo Sorry about the size thought i had reduced it
  3. Any members itching to introduce themselves?

    I am also interested in canes and hiking poles just messing about with a stylized swann and testing out a bit of gold leaf to see if it will stand to the rigours of a hiking pole?, have carved a few toppers have a problem resizing photots keeps crashng so will post them later .anyway here is the swan. suprising how much the work improves after a couple of attempts . the site is helpful for developing ideads Carved from lime mounted on a hazel shaft with a 4" threaded steel rod .Gave the leaf a red undercoat 1st to evaluate the effect .used quite a lot so wears well
  4. Hello From Czech Republic

    Nice work It is difficult to carve small pieces in wood ,I mostly carve in lime wood . I like the attention to detail of the eyes and teeth although can`t make out what the material you have used I am always on the look out for new ideas for carving mostly for hiking poles but also carve puppets . I have carved several hiking pole toppers and keen on art deco etc, and looking to expand this into abstract work Currantly working on the female form to sit upon a hiking pole .most of the hiking pole toppers are of wild fowl although have carved some gargoyles I will post some photos when i resize them you must post more photos when you can.
  5. Any members itching to introduce themselves?

    will try to edit pics and renter the post later. but thanks . Need to educate myself with these comupters, but not so enjoyable as using a chisel and pencil, also need to learn how to type, sure these keys move whilst i type
  6. Any members itching to introduce themselves?

    wow sorry far to big, bit of a luddite when it comes to doing this stuff is it possible i could change it
  7. Any members itching to introduce themselves?

    hi hopimg to meet some stick makers. I joined the site to explore new possibilities for hiking poles , must say very impressed with what i have seen,Inspired me to try diffrent approach with carving so hopefuuly will try some diffrent designs and materials. Will post some pics when i get my head round editing.
  8. About Where in the World

    Hi located in Boston Lincolnshire, England Main interest carving ,carving hiking pole toppers,glass and ceramics Keen to devlop both skills and carving