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    My name is James D. Whitehead. I have been a bench jeweler for much of my life. I started as an apprentice when I was 14. I'm a self tought engraver. I started to make miniature knives in 1981. I just started to make larger knives as my eyesight isn't what it used to be. I have six children and 15 grandchildren and two great grandchildren.
  1. Lindsay AirGraver

    Hi Jim. James Whitehead here.This is my first post. I really don't what I'm doing but here goes. Your pin is outstanding. On the Lindsay aie graver. I haven't used one as the price is out if my reach, but I've only heard good things about it. I also think Steve lindsay is one of the finest engravers ther is. I use the GRS graver max and have for a number of years. I have no complants about it. I use a compreser that is supper quiet. It was a bit expensive, but I bought it when I was working as a bench jeweler. I also use a stero microscope as my eye sight isn't what it was. Most of the time I use the gravermax and I use carbide gravers and shapen them with diamond wheels. I polish the carbide gravers with the GRS power hone and cerramic discs. I still use hand push gravers with tool steel and also high speed steel and momax cobolt steel. I think I've enclosed a photo of a lock back knife blade I'v been working on. I'm no to sure if it will work but here goes. Again great work Jim Whitehead
  2. Lindsay AirGraver

  3. Hinges

    Hi Janel. As a jeweler I've made more hinges than I'd care to remember. Making hinges is time consumeing. I now use doll house piano hinges. They come in six inch lengths and different widths. They also have miniature nails made just for the hinges. If you really want I will work up some drawings to show how to make a few different kinds of hinges. James D. Whitehead
  4. Ebony Leaf Carving

    Hi Jim beautiful work. I would post some of my work but I have a problem with photos size. I need to beat my computer with a hammer to make it do what I want it to do. Working large is a problem for me as always worked in miniature size. I really enjoy seeing works in progress in the different steps you go through from start to finish. Really outstanding. Thank you for sharing Jim Whitehead
  5. Introduction

    My name is James Whitehead. I have been a bench jeweler for most of my adult life. I started as an apprentice when I was just past 14 years old. I'm done other things but I've always enjoyed working with my hands. As a jeweler I have worked with silver, gold and platinum. I have cast silver and gold but not platinum. Platinum I did mostly hand fabrication. Around 1981 I started making miniature knives. Around the same time I became interested in hand engraving. Being self-taught as an engraver I learned all the bad habits, some painful and some took longer. I've known Bob Weinstock for some years now and greatly admire his work. I would like to learn his skills in chasing and carving in metal. I should also say I'm 67 years old but I still enjoy what I do. Thank you for the Carving Path