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Roland T

Mermaid - bone

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Good effort, the harder the challenge, the more the reward.

Keep working on it, it has some promise.

Figures are tough to do, beautiful figures like mermaids are even tougher.

I tried to do a female centaur in wax for casting, never got the face right.

Body was good, butter faced.



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People/figure carving is the hardest of all the carving disciplines. Working at that scale magnifies the level of difficulty. Like Jim said there is good work in this piece but my recommendation would be to get a cube of really hard timber, like hornbeam, or hawthorn, and spend some time carving faces into the edges of the block. You can work up a dozen practice faces in even a small cube . If you check out my blog posts on figurehead carving there might be some tips you can use, you need to go to December 2015 https://stuckinthemudsite.wordpress.com/page/5/ although there is a part 2 and 3 later on.

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