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  2. How they big boys de-fat/de-grease/de-oil organic tissues.... Xylene.
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  4. I ended up starting a batch of 4 spindles on the lathe. The spindle will accept plates as thin as 3/16ths of an inch, and as thick as 1/2 inch. There was a spindle which was available on another site, but it did not look robust. All surfaces are true relative to each other within 1/1000 of an inch. The spacer which rests on the abrasive side is a friction fit on the shaft, to enhance trueness. Below is a comparison picture between the old and the new style. I wanted a longer shaft on this spindle, so the quill on the drill press didn't have to be cranked down so far.
  5. Hello and thank you to everyone who added precious info to this topic. I'm preparing my first yashadama stain (I got European Alder cones and Japanese Alder cones, I'm making yashadama stain of both separately, I will test them and post the comparison if it's useful) using the method described in Masatoshi's book and I have a question for those who have already used yashadama staining : how long do you let the wood soak in the yashadama dye ? From this topic I infered that the time does not really increase the intensity of the color ; does 30 min seems long enough to you ? At the moment I'm learning to carve on some lime tree, which is quite soft.
  6. Several look like specialty planers. One looks like an offset style, for cutting a channel which is offset from the edge of the board. This could be used for inlays, or for a sliding groove for a box/drawer.
  7. I have the 8 inch diamond tool polishing plates with the 1/2 inch hole in the middle for a spindle. They are roughly 3/8 of an inch thick. These spinning plates to shape the carbide gravers on a drill press. Does someone make a precision pre-made spindle which chucks up in a drill press for these plates? I am prepared to machine a few for myself if no product exists. But, I don't have a strong desire to re-invent the wheel if there is a great product which exists. Currently, I am using 1/2 inch bolts as my spindles, which have had the head cut off them, but the threads are not perfectly concentric with the shaft. This induces a small amount of "wobble" in the plate as it spins. I realize some of it may be bearing run-out on the drill press, but that is not the majority of the wobble. Two pictures. One is of what I currently use. The second is a drawing of what I *could* machine to replace it.
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  9. A friend gave me some boxwood limbs,leftover small pieces, started with the piece that was one going into three,and found a small diving bird. It is about 4 inches long, by 2 inches at the Widest part of the wings. Got some more carving to do. But will post the finished picture.
  10. This might help.. i use ask.com or youtube a lot when i try differen techniques.... https://chestofbooks.com/home-improvement/woodworking/Carpenter-Gilder/To-Stain-Ivory-Or-Bone-Red.html
  11. Hello, I am new to this page! I make 1:12 scale marquetry, turnings and carvings. I am looking for a method to deep stain ivory and other tooth green. Not just green but verdigris green. The only recipe I have found is from 1710 (Diderot) and in old English and the names and measures are not useable. Or it is very poisonous! Besides, I do not have fresh warm goats milk, hot horse manure available as required 😳 I do have copper bits and dust. On old furniture and items you will see this green dyed ivory. Does anybody know how it can be done in a modern way? I have searched for several years in books and online. It must be dyed deep enough to take sanding! Ordinary stain does not go deep into the “grain”
  12. Hello, Janel I fully agree your thinking. Gardening is also excellent work. If you dont mind, please adding my works to your joy . https://www.youtube.com/user/myoshiiky Regards, Yoshii
  13. Hello, Ed Twilbeck Thank you for accepting me and enjoyed my works. Yoshii
  14. Hello Yoshi, I agree with you that creative work is a very good way to move forward with life during these times. Additional joy for me is spending time in the garden and watching things grow. Janel
  15. Thanks for sharing, very different and very enjoyable. Excellent workmanship. Please keep sharing.
  16. Hello, Janel I am very happy you enjoyed my works. I am working hard to forget the Corona and heat days now. Working busy and hard, it is my happiness. Thank you Yoshii
  17. Yoshii, You are being very busy this summer with your inventions! I laughed out loud with Ako-Chan shooting off fireworks! Well done and surprising! With each piece I do enjoy your technical explanations of how each of the creations work. I hope that you remain well and happily busy, Janel
  18. Summer Greetings from Tokyo Japan Japanese rainy season: Tsuyu of this year was record long. Every day was rainy in July. It is really rare. And also, COVID-19 is coming back powerfully. In these situations, please look at my works below. Thank you Yoshii New one: Just before: Popular: All of mine: https://www.youtube.com/user/myoshiiky
  19. Hello Douglas, The tools should be of a size that will work on the scale that you wish to carve. For me, those would likely be too big for netsuke-sized pieces. As for quality, I will leave that up to others to offer their opinions. What ever the tool, always keep them sharpened while in use, and cut away from the flesh. As you use tools, your work will begin to tell you what is working to do your intentions, and what you might need to add to your array. My most indispensable tools I have in a range from that of a needle-diameter to 1/4" diameter, for example. Janel
  20. So I'm looking to get started with some carving and there is a new in box set of Freud CS-106 6 pc gouge set near me that I thought might be a decent starter set. I hopingI can get it for $75 Canadian. Has anyone used these before are they decent for the price or should I hold off and get a couple of Pfeil tools as I can/need instead? Thanks, Kraken Fan #6
  21. very nice, good work that, I like it
  22. I boil the carving in a soup of walnut hulls with a bit of vinegar. I then sand, scrape and polish leaving the stain in the deep cuts and a slightly browned color on the rest of it
  23. Welcome to you Don! What did you color the bone with? Janel
  24. I’ve been carving beef bones for a few years and I’m glad to finally find a place where others share my interest.
  25. Janel

    Old tools

    They are beautiful. Do you know any of the items that might have been made with them? It is good that you could pass them on. Janel
  26. Hi Folks, I have recently handed down some of my great great grandfather's wood working tools and thought I would share. Almost works of art in themselves....
  27. Hi Andrew, How about if you use more threads to bulk up the braiding to make it a single cord that will fit the hole. For instance two strands paired for each one strand, or what ever works for multi-ply-ing (a pun is in there somewhere) the strands to make the cord the diameter that you want it to be. Janel
  28. Hi Janel, The sheath is apple-wood. Thank you for the kumihimo reference, they look really interesting but the bead hole is only 2mm across, would a pair of kumihimo fit?
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