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  2. Hi Justin, Email me: janel @ janeljacobson.com - take out the spaces when putting in your message address area. Thank you! Donations towards the forum upkeep are deeply appreciated. Janel
  3. Janel

    COVID 19

    Ed, Oh horrors! I do hope that what that infusion is will be helpful. It is now a week later, I hope to see you back here again. Thinking of you and your wife. Janel
  4. Thank you marsto1, I appreciate hearing this from you. The members who post have made this forum a valuable resource. Janel
  5. JustinR

    COVID 19

    Hope you're doing well Ed! Stay healthy đź’Ş
  6. Hi Janel, Is there an address I can send donations to directly? There is so much useful information here. Thank you for maintaining the site! -Justin
  7. That was fantastic! Never would have found this if not for your post/link. I'm constantly amazed at what people are doing. Janel- you've been a huge inspiration to me, your work is incredible
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  9. Ed Twilbeck

    COVID 19

    I got the COVID virus and my wife has it to. Please wear the mask, and keep away from everyone.not a picnic not fun . pain ,fever , body aches. we worked hard to stay away from our friends,but somehow we got it. Tested positive Tuesday ,got the Bam infusion Wednesday, home waiting for it to get better.
  10. Thanks for posting Ed, always enjoy seeing your work
  11. Yes it is leather glued to a block of wood. Use it a lot inside and outside.
  12. Hi Ed, Sorry to learn of advancing flexibility issues. I am glad that you can still carve. I also have a way of believing that most of what disappears will show itself for discovery and return some day. I am curious about the backer that you are carving on ... is it leather? Well used I must say, and good idea. Happy New Year wishes to you! Janel
  13. Well the Ebony leaf is somewhere in the studio,can’t see it or find it. So I started a new one. Trying something new. I have a 3/4 x3/4 piece of yellow heart, carving a pendant for a necklace, a small leaf. The black and white Ebony one is somewhere, it will show up one day. With my arthritis in my back , hip and spine can’t get down to find it .
  14. Thank you Andrew V! Janel
  15. Hi Ed! Happy New looking forward Year! A leaf! I am looking forward to seeing what you do with this wood and subject! Janel
  16. Same to you. Have a Happy and a Good New Year.
  17. Hope you are all having a great Christmas and may you have a fabulous 2021!! Looking forward to seeing lots of super carvings ;D
  18. The joy of power carving. A pile of wood chips. Soon to be a top of a small box or a pendant for a necklace. Black and white Ebony.
  19. Thank you Yoshii, Your creations are enjoyable and heart warming! Many good wishes to you this holiday season, and may you stay healthy and happily busy in the new year! Janel
  20. In Tokyo, we have been under COVID-19 catastrophe even now. As this tight situation, we need to take a short time of healing us. Why don't you look at my works. If my works can help it, I am so happy. Merry Christmas and happy new year. My new works and my collection: https://youtu.be/AuKUWMZqLMM https://www.youtube.com/user/myoshiiky Yoshii
  21. What kind of antler? Antler has a thin wall of carvable material surrounding a soft porous pith that can literally be soaked in water and dug out with a spoon. The hard outer carvable material is the most beautiful stuff to work with, you don't have to use power, rasps, files, scrapers and wood carving tools are very effective.
  22. I apologize but I do not know how to answer that question. It would be good to be able to do so. Lets hope that they do not need fixing!
  23. Thanks for your response. Ive heard great things about the NSK machines, and met a amazing Maori bone Carver who used one. I have also been researching and started using some gravers when completing the fine details in my carvings. Lots to learn ahead, but I was hoping upgrading to a micro motor would help me begin to manifest some of my more detailed carving ideas that I have. I will continue to watch to see what is available used online. Appreciate you sharing your experience with these machines. For the used machine, is it still possible to send it in to get fixed, eve
  24. I have two NSK micrometers. They are different from one another, though at the moment I do not have their descriptions at hand. The first was purchased new, the other used, purchased from another carver met through this forum. They both work well. I set them up to use different sized collets for the two main tool bit diameters. A time saver, mainly. One has a manual speed dial, the other is foot pedal speed controlled. The original machine I used for heavy waste removal. It has held up well. The other unit uses finer bits. That said, for the majority of days and hours I spent c
  25. Aloha I am currently looking at a used NSK z500 online, and just wanted to ask for any ones opinion on using a used NSK unit. It is listed at $500, which I beleive is a good deal after reading thru these threads. Is there a lot of maintanence and repairs with these units? I have some experience, though I am still on the begining of my carving journey, so I dont expect the machine to last forever, just as an introduction to these sort of high quality micro motors. Let me know what you guys think Mahalo
  26. Roystone, thank you for the link! Janel
  27. Came across this intresting web site and video on my laptop when tidying it up. I hope it is not a repost. Well worth a look for any stone carves who need some inspiration. http://stonecarving.ru/stone-sculptures-creation.html
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