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    Morning on a flower

    this year, some problems get me out of the forum...I am back and I discover this piece ... wow! thank you!!! I just discover carving ivory and I tell myself there are so many things to do ...and you prove it! I particularly like the association with gold ... really really fantastic ! this should be a large block of ivory ...if some one know where I can find this...
  2. Greg Delaunay

    not just for fun...

    I had some little pieces of damascus and ironwood, then I decided to make me a little knife for carving ivory. I tried it yesterday...and it works ! and it's a pleasure to work with...
  3. Greg Delaunay

    Cornel Schneider

    When I saw it, I said "Wow", really awesome!" (but in french), and then...I saw the size! and I was speechless... thank you to show us ...that it is possible for an human to do something like that.
  4. Greg Delaunay

    Dragon dagger

    Hi Laurent, I think it's my favorite of you ! I really regret to can't have seen it in real...
  5. Greg Delaunay

    Japan photos

    wow! very nice photos!!! if you want to do an other job, you find it! it's clear that you always like composition...
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    Thanks at all !
  7. Greg Delaunay


    Thank you Laurent!
  8. Greg Delaunay


    Thank you !! (thank's at the woman who made the video, it takes a lot of her time...)
  9. Greg Delaunay


    Thank you. To get inside, I used dental drill tools, and for polish...I don't find the good words: a micromotor tool with silicone which contains an abrasive... ok, I found a picture of it!
  10. Greg Delaunay

    Natasha's birthday

    oops, I'm late! Joyeux Anniversaire Natasha! (in French)
  11. Greg Delaunay


    Hi, here is an other piece I juste finished: "Cernunos" 208 layers xc75/15n20 damascus blade Ivory carved handle Wallnut and bronze scabbard bronze guard (lost wax casting) some better pictures here http://www.elfic.fr/anglais/pages/cernunos.htm
  12. Greg Delaunay


    I completely forget to tell you that a friend of mine made a video of the making of this sword with all the step by step. There is a little translation (sorry, not complete). You can download the movies here: http://www.elfic.fr/anglais/pages/sword.htm the first part is for the blade, and the second is for the carving work. You will see how I'm working and then, can tell me some advises to do it better next time!
  13. Greg Delaunay

    Enduring Vision Award

    Wow!!! What a good new!!! I'm really happy for you, Janel! I don't try to explain what I feel, my english is too bad.. Good video, thank you !
  14. Greg Delaunay

    Whale Teeth & Elephant Ivory

    Hello! (sorry for my english, I hope you will understand...) Working on ivory begins to be difficult today... I have a big old elephant tusk with cites, which I could use for a lot of years, but it's really difficult for business: CITES is ok for the one country, if I want to sale the piece at foreign, I must ask a new citec for each piece... I think mammoth ivory is the best solution, it's a good ivory for carving, and there is no problem for customs (when they know mammoth... ). The problem in this moment is to find good quality of mammoth, particularly with big white piece for carving...
  15. Greg Delaunay

    It is Summer! (in the northern hemisphere)

    hello, I' just begin a new "knife" handle. I will call it "Cernunos", I started on a big piece of ivory (720g), and for the moment I create only dust!