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  1. Ed Twilbeck

    No work.

    No work today it’s Labor Day.
  2. Hurricane headed to the Mississippi or Louisiana Coast . We live less then a mile from the Coast . Just a way of life to live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We will be okay live in the best built building in Ocean Springs Ms. talk to you later,after the storm.
  3. No particular purpose other than the way it ended up, and for the drilling the holes for blades.
  4. For my small tools I use a block of wood. Just like the cardboard. If you have gouges or V tools you can cut the shape of your tools into the wood, add your compound to the shape, honing comes easy and good. Will come back with pictures later, if you wish.
  5. Question should I clean old compound off old strops or just add more compound . I have been told it is okay to do both, or either. Any and all answers will be appreciated.
  6. I have carved a fair amount of Bass Wood, and if you are using knives and chisels ,make sure they are sharp and if they are with a little more practice you won’t have to file or sand so much . Sharp tools leave a better finish than one that is not as sharp. Do a little more honing on your tools for a smoother cut. I use both a leather strop and I have one with leather glued to wood and I use the wood side to finish my honing. the small one is wood and leather.
  7. What I do is to use their carving to guide me . A lot of the old antique are out of Ivory, so if you use wood for your carving,it will be different and look different. I would not try to make my carving look exactly like anybody’s else carving. If I used another’s carving as a guide for mine I would let anyone who looks at it know that I used it as a guide. What the copyright laws , rules are I do not know . I do a lot of insects carving and they are my guide , if someone has a famous carving of one and you carve one also , I don’t feel you are , or could be making a copy of theirs.
  8. J all I can see is to finish with some sandpaper with fine grit 240 or finer.
  9. Looks like loaded dice . Great work. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Excellent work, fantastic ,would love to see the sword. Thanks for sharing.
  11. That’s a good idea , I will have to remember that and try it myself thanks.
  12. Fantastic carving and thanks for sharing. Gave me some ideas and inspiration for my Dragon. On polishing I use a string with white polishing compound. Should work on your carvings. Any questions, send them to me.
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