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    Ocean Springs Ms
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    Playing with my grand-daughter & grand-son. Carving, Art work.
    Listening to music while I work.

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Born and raised in New Orleans La. My father worked at N.O. Furniture Mfg. for 53 years he started At age 13 as a sand boy , got a nickel for each sheet of sand paper he wore out. This was in the late 1800s . As a young boy I watched an old man take a board and a ruler , and place some marks on this board. Which was like 4 ft long and maybe 6 inches or so wide, my best guess. Then he picked up a chisel and a small mallet and started carving a curve and some lines from one side to the other and started another curve and a curve at the end. 

This was like som decorative trim you may find on some old furniture. Did not see the finished work. And I said to my self I can do that. And that stuck with me from in the late 40s , 

i am a retired Deputy Fire Chief about 35 years service. Enjoying retirement.

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