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    New year

    Happy New Year. Wishing everyone a happy new year, and hopping that more come back to the Carving Path. Hope to see everyone here posting.
  2. Slow ,but I am looking , for what I can find. Have some ideas. One question. Is the body of Antler solid or , are they hollow? Ready to cut a section, and keeping the end to make a small pendant.
  3. Had a Saturday and Sunday Arts and Crafts Festival the largest in south Ms. the festival was good but was cold for us southerners windy and cold. But Saturday I got a nice surprise delivered to me . Thanks very much for the antler. Looking to see what I can find in it to carve.
  4. It ok don’t worry about it , I am trying to get myself ready for the local Arts and crafts Festival and show, here in our town and it is right on the side of our building, so I set up in our side yard. Show is Saturday and Sunday, been doing it since 1990.
  5. Thanks for sharing your time and information. If I get some antler I will have to try carving it. Your Pinterest pictures are inspirational and your site is very interesting. Thanks for sharing your time and information. Got something to think about.
  6. That sounds interesting, never worked with antler, but would like to see it and then maybe try it. Tell me what you do to work with antler.
  7. Most of my Dragonflies are 2 -1/2 to 3 inches, I make them with what wood I have or have found. The one shone is right in the middle of that. If pictures are wanted I will be glad to post later.
  8. Ed Twilbeck


    I am fortunate enough to live in the south and I have an inside work place a walk-in closet.
  9. The wax is the last step, it is carnauba wax in a block form and the hardest wax I have found. I buff it with a rotary chamois strips and a rotary nylon string buffer. If pictures are wanted I will be glad to post later.
  10. I have a home made rotary flap sander it is a small drum sander I cut strips to sand and then I use a buffing wheel and polishing compound then I wax with carnauba wax.
  11. Yes I have hit the same, most was with a rotary tool and rotary sander. Then finished with a knife and chisels. Then buffed, polished, and waxed.
  12. A little box made out of leftovers . Walnut sides , joint cut with Japanese saw and small chisel , top i do not know but is grain and wavy looking, added a small fall leaf, out of Pink Ivory wood. I made this awhile back but had to share.
  13. Had a small piece of walnut burl leftover from a project in the past. Difficulty carving, had to use my power grinder then finished with small knives. Then polished and waxed. May add some beads to make it a necklace.
  14. Dragonfly is Red heart carved , polished, waxed, ready to be strung for a necklace.
  15. Ed Twilbeck


    It’s fall y’all vacation time is over, let’s get back to carving and posting. I will, how about you?
  16. Good looking face. I haven’t tried antler carving I may try it one day. I mostly carve wood. I live on the South Coast of Mississippi, Ocean Springs, 3 blocks from the beach.
  17. That is very interesting, I will be watching to hear more,love to hear about prehistoric people and the tools they used. Have done some micro carving. Got my interest. Thanks for the info.
  18. Yes we are having a storm again . Where I am we should not have much to worry , most of the problems will be in Louisiana. As far as carving goes I have small sculpture I am working on when I can. I am Carving a small carving of wood carver. Started a few months back . Had a bad hip. Last month had a total left hip replacement, now I am healing and on the road to recovery. Will be back carving soon.
  19. I have been a member for a while and have used it in the past much more than I do now. My age and pain has slowed me down. That said I wish it would continue, I think a lot of new and young carvers, and myself would get inspired by what other carvers do. Many of my ideas for my carvings have came from others here. To see the art and wonderful work done by so many fantastic Artist that have posted their ideas, their drawings, their work in progress,their finished work. Yes I have seen some of their work on other sites, like Pinterest, etc , but all of the personal feelings, the comments, the advice, the encouragement, is not at any other site. I hope someone can keep it going and,hope it will. Thanks Ed.
  20. Welcome to the carving path good place lots of talented people here. I’m in South Mississippi , what part are you in? Good looking work and thanks for sharing.
  21. Looks like our first Tropical Storm is coming our way. For those of us who live here it's just a nother storm,,, good time to carve. i have some in the works, will let you know.
  22. Welcome Lyle,good to see another wood person here. This is a good site to see a lot of great ideas on art and wood carving.
  23. Yes you are right walnut is sometimes to carve and will hide details in the grain. Many years ago I built furniture and made boxes, walnut book matched always came out great. Did a box with a walnut top and carved a dragon in the top. Back then I would work to make my boxes a pleasure to touch, well the top with the Dragon did not want to come out and shine, so I finished the box with the super smooth silky feel and the dragon was very dull finish but the contrast came out unusually good. I was pleased and the lady that purchased it was very excited about it and loved the story of how the box got its different look. Thes 2 pieces are from a walnut crotch area and were for knife handle blanks ,, which finished out smother and silky, to nice for a knife to be used, it went to a friends collection. i think I will be doing leaves ,,, as the wood talks to me ,, when I carve it.
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