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    New member form Canada

    Hi Jim, Beautiful work you do there! I am a carver from North of Embro, Ontario in a little berg called Brookdale & have been through Zurich many times. Would love to meet you even if the forms of art are different! Please check out my art work aslo at My Website Thanks, Robbin
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    just another carver

    Hi Rod, Welcome! I am a carver sculptor in Ontario, Canada & if you have any questions don't hesitiate to contact me or ask them here. My Website & e-mail is rwenzoski@hdcanada.com. Your carvings look great! Keep up the good work! Thanks, Robbin
  3. RobbinW

    Greetings from Canada

    Hi Nu Vicking, Welcome from another Canuck! I haven't carved any stone yet besides a little soapstone when I was younger but intend to try my hand at it when I have the time. I carve mostly wood now & have a good friend that carves wood & stone & he is to show me the ropes soon also. Thanks, Robbin My Webpage
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    Hello, I have been reading on the topic of sanding & wanted to add to it also. My finishing techniques stem from experience in autobody refinishing & are a little different than I normally see with normal wood finishing techniques. I do both fine sculpture & chainsaw carving & with the fine sculpture the finish is "Glass Like". I normally fine sand down to a minimum of 220 Grit dry then I apply 2 - 3 coats of epoxy, wet sand down to 400 - 600 grit & then apply (spray) 2 - 3 coats of automotive polyurethane enamel for the gloss & UV protection if the piece is to be exposed to the elements. For examples of my work/finish please visit my website at http://www.robbinsamazingart.com Thanks & I love to share ideas & techniques! Always learning! Robbin I don't know if you know who this character is?
  5. RobbinW

    Hello, from Latvia!

    Hi Slava, Beautiful work you are doing there! What type of tools are you using on your scultures? I especially like the snail/lizards & the Buddha! I love to share ideas & techniques? Thanks for posting your work, Robbin My Website!
  6. RobbinW


    Hi, My name is Robbin Wenzoski & I am relatively new to carving. I have always indulged in woodwork of one sort or another & have, sometimes intentionally or not, added a little artistry to my work & hobbies as well. Most of my carvings/sculptures may not fit in the "small scale" criteria of this forum, but I immensly enjoy being part of the communication that is present in carving forums. I was born & spent most of my life in Golden, British Columbia, Canada with the exception of 5 years spent in Malta, when I was young. I moved to SouthWestern, Ontario, Canada in 1987 & have been here since. My woodwork experience started in Golden, B.C. at a plywood manufacturing facility & later I worked building Cedar log homes & timber frames around the Golden & Lake Louise, Alberta area. Shortly after moving to Ontario I became interested in Cedar strip/epoxy canoe & kayak building & then moved into my first carving adventure about 3 years ago & have indulged in carving ever since. I became invlved with the internet at about the same time & started building my own free website 2 years ago. I am looking forward to meeting fellow carvers & sharing ideas & techniques as I have a great desire to learn! Please visit my site at www.geocities.com/aruba692003 & leave your comments, thoughts, opinions or whatever you want in my guestbook. It is appreciated & looking forward to meeting some fellow carvers here! Thanks, Robbin