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  1. PCM seems to be a somewhat suspicious material, the metallurgy of the stuff is facination though. Google provides something: PCM- HOW TO Karl
  2. Welcome Chris, you done a very fine job with the neatly engraved scrollwork on your gun. The other stuff looks good too. Looking forward for your contributions. Best regards, Karl
  3. Hi Lee, here is a link to an article of the Society of American Silversmiths that deals about ivory. You may be interested in this Book ( its stated that is somewhere free in the internet - have a look around for it). Karl
  4. ....now you know were my posh english comes from. splendid regards, Karl
  5. Hi Tom, you`ve created a fine piece. Just the recess from the "habaki" to the blade interrupts the flow of the work somewhat. The overall appearance reminds me on a Misericordia or "gnadgott" daggers. These daggers were made of a single piece of steel. They were used to finish off the wounded enemy - pushed with the whole bodyweight through his armour. Karl
  6. ...and of course you are not restrained on the brush or the pencil. These works are made by the french artist (and Zen desciple) Yves Klein.
  7. Ford, thanks for the encouragement of the TCP members to draw. Here is the english page of a fairly good German tutorial site. Drawing Tutorial The german part is a bit more extensive but the main points are covered. And strangely enough I just discovered Louis XIV was wearing a bedcover. Louis XIV best regards, Karl
  8. Hi Ford, while browsing the web, I came across with some Pinctada Margaritifera HERE And its in the UK. Cheers, Karl
  9. Thats True. (Goldschmiedemuseum Wien) Please notice the subtle working clothes. Cheers, Karl
  10. wunderlich


    Sly Puss !!!
  11. Hi Ford, I probably know what you wants to do. But there a very few people owning such a thing and still fewer wanting to sell it. For those who do not know what the point for the discussions is : Click here and you may see a Medaillon Copying Lathe Cheers, Karl
  12. Hi Dick, you have done a beautiful job there, would you mind to post a foto of the whole object? Is there still a kiseru for this pipecase? Hi Amati, first a warm welcome on the carving path. And a short word on the nature of "restoration". A restoration should preserve the state of an object or complete an object to asure its function. ( if possible all modifications should be reversible) Both with the makers intention in mind. Adding urushi would in this case alter the expression of such an object completely and is not reverible at all. This comment should not be an answer in leu of Dick, it just meant a general word regarding restoration. Cheers, Karl
  13. Hi, a bit Mokume - just one more time. This leads to Toshi`s Metalwork- Blog I like his subtile silver-on-silver mokume in particular, but the way how he treats the shapes of his objects is not my case. Hope its interesting anyway. Karl
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