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  1. Brett the bonecarver

    Trying To Message Janel

    Thanks so much Janel. I just found what I believe is her e mail address more recent. --------------- so if you need it?? I've been building a micro house here in order to be free of the bills and maybe have more time to get into the netsuke again. Interested in micro house pic's? it is a house but miniature in aspect. Peace, b
  2. Brett the bonecarver

    Trying To Message Janel

    Hi Janel, Brett Sutherland here wishing to get back in contact with my friend in Sint Maarten. I used to live there before recently returning to NZ and Sue bought a few things from me in the past. I would love to talk/message her again but I cannot find her contact details after making the move. Please forward my e mail address or send me hers. I very much appreciate your help. Thanks, Brett.
  3. Brett the bonecarver

    First Wooden Netsuke, Dolphin And Baby Merman

    Thanks for the 'ups' guys. For finishing my pieces I go pretty simple up to 600-800 grit sandpaper and then Brasso on a t shirt rag, Bingo. Often only 400 grit is necessary but 600 is better. Getting a good finish on the wooden carving was attained simply by rubbing the piece with a tooth pick which is great for getting into the corners. Burnishing I think? The owner guided the carving through many stages choseing what he was wanting which is interesting being someone elses hands. What can be the most challenging is to find a good place to carve be it on your knee or on logs on a beach under a cave for shade. I had so many carving spots in fantastic scenery that maybe a bit of the joy came through the carving. Who needs power tools? Glad you like them, Cheers, Brett
  4. Brett the bonecarver


    My stretched version of a Gorilla skull. I carved this in 2008 while I was apprenticing in Tattoo in Toronto Canada. Surrounded by Skulls I gave in and learnt how to draw/carve one. The first one ended up being hung off a cord. Enjoy.
  5. My first wooden Netsuke I carved in 2009 into French Box wood. I carved most of this while on a boat around Ibiza.
  6. Brett the bonecarver

    Back To Tcp With 'the Battle'

    Sorry, I think I just broke the picture size rules??
  7. Brett the bonecarver

    Sperm Whale dentistry and antler

    Bro, thats beautiful work, nice to see.
  8. Brett the bonecarver

    Mini Mammoth

    This piece is from Mammoth ivory and was an order for someone. Finally I got the chance to carve one.
  9. Brett the bonecarver

    Back To Tcp With 'the Battle'

    This is my latest Netsuke, this time in Sperm Whale tooth with black coral inlays. Size is 4.5 X 2.6 X 2.1cm. As with all my Netsuke to date I dont use electic tools but only use hand tools. Carved in Sint Maarten 2010. This has been a subject I've wanted to carve for years. Neither one is in a good position even though the Giant squid has lost part of one tentacle and about to loose the second. A frozen moment with eye contact. Hope you enjoy it, B www.skinbonestone.com
  10. Brett the bonecarver

    Hi There,

    Hi Donn, I now recognise your fantastic work and fell happy to know there are a number of carvers from Aoteoroa on this site. It was bound to happen I guess knowing the talent that resides here. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm based out at Bethells beach, West Auckland surrounded by lots of natural beauty which is great for hatching ideas. Cheers Donn, great book I've had in my hands often and its also on my wish list. Peace, Brett
  11. Brett the bonecarver

    Boxwood netsuke

    Wow, Doug I've just put 2 and 2 together now and realise I know your work from a gallery in Auckland(?). Very inspiring and a kick in the pants to improve. Your netsuke of the legends are very inspiring, akin to those I've seen of the Japanese but so unique. I've been mulling over many deigns I've had along similar themes and have been itching to realise them. Thanks for the pictures and would be stoked to see more, Peace, Brett
  12. Brett the bonecarver

    Hello from Canada

    Hi Lana, great to see your postings on the site, bummer about the health issue. I have in the past year had a bit of nerve pinching numbness in my arms and have a good friend who is a very good osteopath. She worked at my shoulder and found some of the muscles very tight so working them started to relax the shoulders and the follow on down my arm was very noticable. Also alot of muscles in my forearm needed releasing, especially my left arm which does much of the holding and minimal movement, like a vice. I was working hard out carving aerated cement block for garden sculptures using heavy tools repeatedly agrevating the problem. What Janel said about stretching is very important and I try stretching out my arms every day. By concentrating on my shoulder stretches I feel the blood and nerves being worked all the way down my arms. I do recomend a visit to an osteopath who are very good at tracing those problems. I'm doing good now but have changed my activities lately to bronze casting and now have a full time job again in the costume props work on the childrens tv production of 'The Power Rangers' so very different activities(currently making muscle suits using spandex, foam and thin neoprene). Cant wait to get into carving more mammoth ivory tho. Hope the problem dissapates for you, good luck and best wishes, Brett
  13. Brett the bonecarver


    Thanks for all your help folks, I'm onto it.
  14. Brett the bonecarver


    Looking for a bit of boxwood to carve as I havn't tried this yet and everyone seems to have used it. I have a feeling its restricted but dont know so. Any hints?? Peace, Brett
  15. Brett the bonecarver

    Little Rat

    Size of the little rat is 3 cm diameter, I hadn't seen this picture so big before and it shows up all the rough bits you dont see real size, kind of embarasing. I put the platted string rapt around where the shaft enters the base so to have a border of sorts and seperate the two. Shaft is 13cm long. The design I took from a netsuke book so I cant claim that one but was so much fun to carve. Peace, Brett