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  1. Robert Palmer

    Hello From Egypt

    I like Monkey Business, it tells a story. This site will bring great joy to you as an artist, welcome.
  2. Robert Palmer

    Hammer Of Thor

    we all start somewhere, right or wrong isn't important only trying is. Your Thor's Hammer is interesting in Horn. Bow do Odin/s two Ravens. Of course the choice is yours, your journey has begun. Hope to see more from you and mythology. Good carving,
  3. Robert Palmer

    Baby Bird On Feathers

    all of your art is beyond great. you are in a class all your own. wonderful, thank you for setting the bar so high.
  4. if you want to box meet face to face if you want to make art, be quite please and create it. All of you sound like children.
  5. Robert Palmer

    Ryusa Netsuke

    Beautiful Carving. Did you use any power tools or just hand tools ? I must say though for such a nice carving Shoe Dye seems a poor choice in finishes, was there a reason to use it ? I have used shoe care products on carvings before so I ask the question in a life long quest of knowledge. Again very nice carving, thank you for sharing. Ragnar
  6. Because you have ask I will offer my 2 cents worth. First of all I have never worked with, but I do have experience with many woods and metals. Considering this I think screws are a poor choice as apposed to a tight fitting Rivet & epoxy. The reason being "Tear-out" Whether the Ivory is thick or thin I believe it grows & shrinks with humidity ? And so would tend to loosen a screw. Granted the same could be true for a Rivet depending on FIT. Good luck with your idea. Ragnar
  7. Robert Palmer

    Help Me To Start!

    Aran I am late to your post. For what is is worth always buy the best tool, even when you do not believe you can afford it because in the end it is the cheapest best tool there is. (if serious about your work) Second, your Tree design was great. But more then a good design it is a record of future progress. Rather then reworking designs remake them, bottom line everything you make should be the best you are capable of at that time, if not you are seeking Brownie Points rather then creating because you must. Your work shows great potential, stick with it. Thank you for allowing me to look over your shoulder and comment. Ragnar
  8. Robert Palmer

    Push/wiggle Graved Sterling Bracelet

    very nice design, and considering how much harder developing such skill with a single arm all the more amazing. Thank you for sharing your work. Robert Palmer
  9. Robert Palmer

    New: Carved & Turned

    Very inspiring as usual, eye candy, Hope you enjoy the show as much as those viewing your work. Thank you for sharing Robert Palmer
  10. Robert Palmer

    Got Tea ? ;)

  11. Robert Palmer

    Work In Progress Update

    I am impressed with your design & it's framing. Great presentation, Thank you for sharing. Also like your Shop (work area) Robert P.
  12. Robert Palmer

    Homage To Little Brown Bat

    Like everything you make no matter the material, excellent in both content & execution. Nature couldn't ask for a better spokesperson. Thank you for sharing & inspiring. Robert P.
  13. Robert Palmer

    Toad On Lotus Leaf

    Thank you for position this wonderful piece of art Jamel. The detail is staggering. I believe this is a prime example of "ukibori" if I am correct (I read about this site) I think the photo showing the gloved hand is in the process of creating the skin texture. Such talent, I will never view a frog the same way. thank you & Cornel for the pleasure of viewing this wonderful piece of art. Robert
  14. Robert Palmer

    Celtic Dragon Welsh Lovespoon

    Excellent work, your attention to detail is inspiring. What did you finish your Spoon in ?? Thank you for posting. R.P.
  15. Robert Palmer

    Odin & Raven

    Sharry, I am happy that you enjoyed my attempt. Sorry I did not answer sooner but I have been meeting with a Dragon which because of my promise to myself that each new piece will be an improvement over the last requires much thinking before cutting. Boxwood is a hardwood in every sense of the word Hard. Wonderful material for results given (effort) I am attempting to live up to my end of the bargain. Thank you for looking & comenting