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  1. remo

    Free tsuba making film

    Happy Holidays to everybody here. I bring a gift from the guys on Following the Iron Brush forum It's easier if I quote; thank you, remo
  2. remo

    frog for janel

    Hi Janel, I´m happy you like it, Regards, Remo
  3. remo

    frog for janel

    Thank's Ford, this is the basic song of the frog ( call in brazil "" hammer frog"" ) but hi can sing others advanced ips of frogs . About the package ok, Best regards , remo
  4. remo

    frog for janel

    HI Janel and folks, i can't resist this is my wood frog( not so nice but sing very ) and the sound link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvSu9Pru9qs regards, Remo
  5. remo

    Newbye from Italy

    Welcome, buona fortuna, remo
  6. Hi Brian, I use pure gold 0.26 mm thick, the fuchi realy in not in cooper but in shakudo ~ 3 % gold. but i think in copper work too. I make this for learn not is for especific sword . i will make others tsubas for training more. In this moment i 'm making 6 swords , but in more simple moutings ( casting brass ) , in blades without hamon and hada, only one have hamon in sae 1070 steel ,tradicional polish. but in the next year i hope making one more fine katana ( hamon, traditional polish an hada in sae 1045 and 1070 steel ) . It's my first experience ,in nunome inaly I think Ford can explaine more questions about this tecnic. Regards, Remo
  7. remo

    Hi from Brazil

    Thank's Janel You are soo kind, regards, Remo
  8. Hi folks, One tsuba in iron with wire nunome ( gold 0.25mm )and fuchi in copper ( the same wire). Many thanks Ford for share this tecnics, I hope learn more and refine the lines and work. Remo
  9. remo

    Hi from Brazil

    Hi folk´s, sorry for the later response, i´m moving my studio/shop and there no are internet yet ( i´m dreaming some days too ). Some times i go in a lan house, to view the emails. Hi Brian chan, i make all parts of the swords and knifes ( but some fuchi/ kashira and menuki a dont make , was making in lost wax casting in brass), i loved your pieces too, verry nice work. congratulations.with the time i try learn more japanese decorations tecnics. Hi Gonzalo, great i´m menber of sbc too there are many good knife makers, in november i go in a brazilian knife show http://www.saopauloknifeshow.com.br/ to show some pieces in a table and view the friends. Hi David, thanks, your work in verry nice too, in the next year i´m buy a hidraulic press to make some damauscus and my steel ( like tamahagane). Thank´s again folks, Regards, Remo
  10. Hi folks, This is one shot of detail of one tsuba in iron who show a tecnique of fine gold wires inaly, the cuts in the iron is the same as nunome zogan Remo
  11. remo

    Hi guys and girls, from deepest Yorkshire, UK

    Hi Derek, very nice work, welcome Regards, Remo
  12. remo


    Ave eros Ave Venus ave dionisius Regards, Remo
  13. remo

    Who Is Carving What?

    Hi folks, Ryan the motivation is the post , nice work http://www.thecarvingpath.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=1051 Hi dick, thanks for the tips Remo
  14. remo


    Get out devil, Karl, you need pray and take a cold shower man... here a link of a brazilian maestro in music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEPFRUst2UM in the song "o violeiro " only are tre things in this world only goes, viola, emancipation ,love ,money not Regards
  15. remo

    Who Is Carving What?

    Thank's After the images and the videos if you and karl post about the motivation , i have motivation to wait Regards Remo