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  1. Hello all, I recently agreed to do some experimental carving in a new material that we think will have the properties of glass and/or ungrogged creramic and/or jade-like stone (we'll find out!). I can't go into the details of what the material specifically is because there are proprietary info restrictions involved at this stage of development, but I'm excited to experiment with carving whatever shows up in my mailbox next week. I've not done any carving on such a substance before, but with the generously shared information here, I feel I will get a good start. Thank you all, especially
  2. Hi Janel, I think archiving this site is a great option, and I'll be happy to contribute to the costs of that. There is just so much valuable information here that isn't readily available elsewhere it is worth preserving. Along with all the good conversations! Trying to keep a balance and have right livelihood in changing markets/environments/conditions is difficult, to put it in mildest terms. I applaud the fact that you are making your living as an artist, whatever the medium! I don't think a lot of people understand that to choose life as an artist, for most people who don't come to
  3. Hello Janel and all, I am sorry to not see this post until months and months after the original posting. I am glad that you decided to keep it up and going Janel, though I completely understand wondering if it's time to shut it down due to lack of activity. I haven't been on in a long time, mostly because I've been working a lot and my carving has slowed to a crawl. I'm chipping away at that mountain called "saving a down payment for purchasing a home" which has me taking all the paying work I can. I do think I need to ease up on that, though, because too much work takes the spark ri
  4. I like the softness of this piece. Makes me want to touch it and turn it in my hands.
  5. Thanks so much for this grouping of articles. Bookmarked!
  6. Oh wow, those are simply exquisite. I love the sense of form and formless space inside the stone. Wonderful.
  7. Hello! I made this little water spirit talisman/netsuke in 2015, "Miss Moisture" She is made from camel bone, rainbow moonstones salvaged from old jewelry, white moonstones, sterling silver. I remade the silver settings to better fit the stones. The inlay on her back is made from ground turquoise and ground freshwater pearl. The inlay was made with the paste technique I described in a previous post. 1 5/16" x 1 1/8 x 3/8" (3.3cm x 2.8cm x 1.0cm)
  8. Hi Janel, It does! Thank you The signature inlay is a carry-over from my metalworking. I have a maker's mark stamp, and I simply stamped it into a little circle of silver, then inlaid that. I ordered the custom stamp for my maker's mark from Rio Grande, and it cost about $70. B
  9. Hello all, I made this lector's pointer back in 2013. A good friend had just gotten her master's degree in archaeology. She was lecturing and teaching classes regularly, and lamented that she had no good pointer stick to use. I thought I should make her one. I put a hornet on it to help her keep all the students' attention on her lecturing- because everyone in the room pays very close attention to what's going on if there's a hornet in the space! It is 25" long with a 3/4" handle. Main shaft made of cedar, with rose cane, mammoth ivory, Siberian jet, copper, ebony, and sterling silver
  10. Ed, Sounds like a delicate process. Sometimes it just goes that way I guess. Better luck with the next one! Bonnie
  11. hi Ed, Initially I put it there for scale, but decided that a dime might be a clearer object to use. Eventually I went ahead and lacquered the dollar fragment on there, though,, because I thought why not? A little material support talisman couldn't hurt
  12. Hi Raj, Nice first one- I like the little translucent area on the lip. Or is that a lighter spot on the stone? Do you have more photos with different views? Bonnie
  13. Oh yes! This fellow's work is amazing! I have him friended on facebook, and he posts a lot of process photos as well as those of finished work. Thanks for sharing, Ed! Bonnie
  14. Hi Janel, The wet paste inlay technique can be done a couple of ways, depending on the coarseness of the grind of your inlay material and the viscosity of the adhesive. For this piece, I took fine jet dust from filing a piece of jet with a fine file and mixed it with just enough epoxy to make a paste. I then used a toothpick and a needle to fill the little pupil cavity in the eye. I did the same for the little half-and-half inlaid face. Once it has cured, you can file or shave the hardened paste down to the material's surface. With this method, I try to get as much of the inlay material
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