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  1. I haven't posted here for quite some time, because I have been doing more fabrication work rather than carving. This one included quite a bit of carving, wax and directly into metal. About three months of work. I still have to make a ring for the jewel holder that her baby dragons are holding up. Set with garnets and made out of silver Her neck was carved out of wax and then sand cast. Her tail has 32 garnets first set into silver tubes and the set into her tail.
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    Antikythera, The Mother Dragon.

    Thank Janel. Also, I hope you have a great 2015!
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    I'v said it before and I'll say it again. Your work is utterly inspiring, like a good song, I can look and listen to it for ever.
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    Some of my work

    Totally love the handle.
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    Damascus And Ebony

    Very good.--- Sorry, that was a mistake... very, very, very good !!
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    Dragons Breath

    This is my third steam engine made from red jasper, lapis lazuli,onyx, clear quartz,amethyst, budstone, sugalite, sapphire, emerald garnet, silver and gold. In the center of the flywheel,is a cinnamon sapphire that I faceted. I put a bit of symbolism in it, with mommy and daddy dragons and child dragons and the baby dragon carved out of a laminate of red jasper and lapis lazuli and silver. The air or steam runs through the two dragons and the powers the motor. Closeup of the quartz cylinder. On top is a faceted quartz and amethyst laminate with a loose gold ball inside. The crankshaft is a laminate of budstone ( a quartz chalcedony) and sugalite and silver. The con rod is also a carved dragon head. This is the top view showing the little god ball in the hollow faceted gemstone. The main engine post id made of a laminate of onyx, sugalite, red jasper and onyx. Side view showing the steam intake.The emeralds are set into little screws. The under side with my makers stamp. The base is made out of a silver plate that was first carved into a pattern. Then I was gilded with gold foil. Then the top of the gold foil was sanded off, exposing the silver. The liver of sulphur was applied to blacken the silver. When the right degree of blackening was reached, it was stabilized. Looks like dragon skin to me. I mounted it on a blood red piece of stained glass. Then I made a display case out of glass and brass. I have a video of Dragon's Breath running here Cheers, Hans
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    My New Animal Carvings (Dmitrygor)

    Dude, you are in another wolrd.. ...Stunning work. Really, really inspiring.
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    Gem Steam Machine

    Here is the latest project that I have finished. Although it does not strictly comply with carving in the pure sense, I did do quite a lot of stone carving, along with machining,faceting and metal work on this machine.. But you know, here there be some astoundingly brilliant carvers and with much respect, I walk very lightly here. This is what is known in steam machine circles as an oscillating steam machine. Or in common parlance, a wobbler. Base and cross support is made out of Nephrite jade from Canada. The cylinder ( the clear part) is made out of Brazilian quartz. The top is closed with Australian chryoprase and Zimbabwean aquamarine.The piston (purple) is made out of South African sugalite from the western Cape and the conrod and upright supports (red) are made out of Red jasper from Pilgrims rest in the Eastern Transvaal, SA. ( that’s where I found the raw material) The front upright is also made from Lapis lazuli from Afghanistan. ( That is where the air or steam runs through.) The flywheel (black) is made out of black Chalcedony, and the two shafts from Smoky quartz and Rose quartz from Namibia. The crank (purple) is made out of a lamination of Sugalite and Chrysoprase. Here is another view, showing the other side with the cut and carved rods and washers. At the bottom left is the inlet pipe and the top silver pipe is the outlet, like a steam engine would have. Anyway, I have no idea if one can insert a video in this post, but I have a you tube channel called gemhund ( figures, doesn't it?) and the video of it actually running is at http://youtu.be/HhAkS0vWsEo Cheers, Hans
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    Gem Steam Machine

    Thanks Janel. I made a sort of new years resolution to really push myself in making or trying to make things that I am not sure will be successful. When I look at this site and the artists like yourself, Natasha, Cornel, and many others, I am completely inspired. Even though my discipline is not Netsuke per se, I understand the discipline behind it and those brilliant pictures that are posted on this site are a continual source of "Hans,stop moaning, and get on with it" thing. Cheers, Hans
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    Carved Citrine And Ring

    I carved this rough citrine into this one. I found that it looked better upside down and so I carved a ring out of wax Like this, and I cast is into 18ct gold. But I didn't like it at all when it was finished.Never mind setting any stones into it. So I then made another ring which I like much more. This was a very difficult design for me.
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    Carved Citrine And Ring

    Thanks Janel, and indeed there are two metals, white and yellow gold. To explain, there is a faceted cut called the 'opposed bar cut' which gives a nice 'pixillated' effect, which I have cut on many occasions.. I decided to try carving this design and see if the pixilation could be mimicked with the attendant softness that carving a gemstone gives, as opposed to the rigid flatness of faceted gemstones. Unfortunately, as in many of my gemstone carvings, it did not look good the way I envisaged it. But it looked much better upside down.... Soooo, I decided to try design a ring that uses the citrine upside down. This was quite difficult.( for me, anyway.) I actually made three attempts before I was semi happy. The setting in the 'half moon' bars on the side of the ring proved to be quite tricky, because the citrine had to be set first, ( by squeezing the bars inwards, thus locking the citrine into place),then 18 diamonds were set on the top of the bars and then the sandawana emeralds and diamonds were set into the sides.(32 stones in all.) This took me a long time under a microscope. Also, I could not drill through the half moon bars, because then there would be holes and they would be visible when one looks down on the ring. I left the shank and shoulders relatively plain, because the setting bars and citrine are already a bit noisy. It weighs 21 grams and looks nice on the hand and it looks like it's pre sold.....here's hoping:) This is what it looks like the right way around. A bit like a bicycle helmet, me thinks. This piece is also a bit symbolic to me because it is the last piece I have made in my Caribbean workshop. I am closing my shop/workshop and moving it to Europe, probably Germany this week. Exciting times lie ahead.
  12. I haven't posted for a while, but I didn't stop carving. This one is 7.5 cts for a engagement ring being made next week. Brazilian material. This one is 5.5 cts for a wax carved ring in three weeks time. Nigerian material, untreated.
  13. Just shape them with the standard Mizzy wheels then to diamond and then to diamond polishing. Nothing big deal. The Amethyst was for a engagement wedding set. The Aqua is just plain good material from Nigeria. Can't really do wrong with it. Here a picture of the finished set,which I completed today. Not strictly carved,more like filed and soldered so I hope it is okay to post.....
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    Fighting Bantams

    Natasha, your work, ALL your work, is a complete inspiration for me. It is like a beautiful song that I can listen to over and over.
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    Not all carving but.....

    Dude, you are in another dimension, both in talent and skill.
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    Is your bench busy?

    The Dino War Machine, continues. Gatling guns and some ribs and a throat spike are the latest additions. The guns are not complete, there will still be some spikes added underneath. They also have to be cleaned up, like solder removed and fine sanding and polishing to be done. Also the head is still in it's infancy. Man, it still needs a lot of work. But the tail is next. This is something I have figured out how to make so that it will be able to be moved in any position, but it is going to need some serious elbow grease to get there. The trick at this stage is to get everything in proportion. Even though the head is still a little bit big, I know that it will be filed down later, so that is not a problem. I think the claws are to small at this stage, but I can add some more body to them later. The tail will add some more weight to the back, allowing the machine to stand in a more Tyrannosaurus Rex posture. Right now it stands like some dumb chicken at a KFC cheerleader party. The guns are made with cartridge brass bought at my local Ace as brass rod and then rolled down to flat bar and bent round and soldered. Then it is filed out to a six sided 'revolver' shape. The barrels are copper and brass wire that I drew down. Then I make the top and bottom in a 'cartridge' form. The guns are attached in this manner. It is all still basic. The flanges and screws are still to be carved and filed. Lot's of detail still to be added. It's all hand made, so there is still room for change.
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    Amber Carving

    The amber goes blue in sunlight and ultra violet light. It is very pretty. It's nice to carve too, sort of like perspex. Not cheap, though. Hans
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    Amber Carving

    Hi all, Not really sure if this is posted in the right place, but I was going through my Amber supplier's website and in the galleries there was a very good carver. I thought the link might be of interest. http://www.ambarazul.com/gallery/jasli/index.html I go under the assumtion that he is not a member Cheers, Hans
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    Is your bench busy?

    My Dino War Machine. This is going to be a carved, cast, and fabricated project that will develop into the ultimate fighting machine the world has ever seen The templates were made and attached while the scream of incoming shells filled our ears. The noise was painful. The loco legs were filled out and the evil motion feet were filed and fabricated and fitted. All the while the blundering cannons were roaring, spewing out death and destruction against our enemy. Do not be misled by the simplicity of the picture. The aquisition head and the tail are under secret construction. The chest plate has been fitted, and is ready to accept the laser cannons and the plasma shield generators The spine armour plate is also in place and is ready to accept the phased array of syncro conducing replicators. These are the power generators of this machine, once it is finished being crafted by my hands I will declare it fully born and released to save this world from the forces of evil and destruction. Watch this space on a computer near you.
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    Is your bench busy?

    I hope this is not too inapropriate for this forum. There is certainly carving in this completed project. : Done in the Steampunk art genré, it is my latest effort. The whole piece took 203 hours of work. It contains 354 individually made components. This one is with the doors open. There are three clocks in the Time Tower. The front one is blued titanium and brass. The two side ones are brass and copper For more pictures and info, check out my blog
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    Excellent work!!!

    As I understand life, this work should not be possible in the dimension we live in. Brilliant! Hans
  22. There is a fine line between a goldsmith making what he wants or making things to sell. On the other side, most of the shop jewellery I make is not too over the top. Jewellery has to be pretty, practical and priced within reason to have a good chance of selling. Believe it or not, this is one of those rings. OK, so I think it is pretty--- Some might not (G). This is the fifth beetle ring I have made, and whilst they don't "fly off the shelves", I don't own the other four anymore either. The sapphire is a stone I re cut from an old junk ring and it came out nice and bright. It is loosely based on a stylistic Egyptian scarab beetle. I carved basic ring in wax and then I cast it. Then I carved the tourmaline. The legs were carved and filed out of 1,5mm 18kt white gold wire and then soldered in place. Then I soldered the tubes in and set the stones. The first two pictures show a glint of light behind the stone. With a stone like this, which is essentially a fancy cabochon, that shouldn't happen. Because the stone essentially has a flat bottom so no facets to reflect light. Polishing the bottom of the stone simply shows the gold underneath and changes the apparent colour of the stone, so that's no good. Cutting the gold away allows the finger to be seen, and that works with some rings, but not this one. So what I do is I finish the bottom of the stone off to 1200 grit to diffuse the light.. Then I rough the bottom gold surface up with a 1mm ball frazer. Then I rhodium plate only the bottom surface. This acts as a neutral reflector and make the stone really stand out nicely with out being garish. It also by chance gives a bit of light movement inside the tourmaline which imitates a green iridescent beetle body quite nicely. Serendipity, dude.....
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    New "How I Do It'

    I posted a new Hidi in my website.I hope this is the right place to post. I would not mind at all posting the whole thing on this website, but it seem easier to just supply the link. Anyway, hope you all enjoy it. Go to http://www.meevis.com/jewelry-making-class-list.htm and scroll down to the bottom, Making a Hollow Onion Pendant. Cheers, Hans
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    Fairy Hidi

    Hi all, I put a a new 'How I Do It' on my site. It explains plique-a-jour enameling,( at least, the way I do it ) . http://www.meevis.com/jewelry-making-class-fairy.htm Cheers, Hans
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    Wax Carvin and Laser outline

    Man I wish I could use the laser printer idea, there are extreme limitations on my method, I am always looking for better more precise ways of transferring a pattern to wax, wax is really pesky that way not to much actually sticks to it. Myself. I use clear contact adhesive to glue a photo copy to the wax, and then when it's dry, I use a scalpel blade and prick through the paper and into the wax. But it still is a mission.