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  1. Bartosz Ulatowski

    Ceab tsuba

    Yes thai is true. Wood and fire somehow are not best friends. But you can maybe mix iron and wood? Or make a trick, create iron that looks like wood or wood that looks like iron?
  2. Bartosz Ulatowski

    Ceab tsuba

    Generally I achieve the texture like this Just hammer work with different bigger and smaller hammers.
  3. Bartosz Ulatowski

    Ceab tsuba

    This is my last tsuba. I have a lot of fun making it because before sculpting I went to zoo and draw crabs for a few hours. They are very funny. Materials: Steel, copper a bit of gold and shakudo.
  4. Bartosz Ulatowski

    the end of another day carving

    I can't see any pictures but I'd love to. What's wrong? Is it like in this Andersen ferry tale about emperor and his new cloth? Only wise people can see photos in this thread?
  5. Bartosz Ulatowski

    Shakudo & Shibuichi

    I have made shakudo and shibuichi myself. It is simple and easy, but shibuischi has tendencies to brake, be careful. I add 25% of silver and it gave me nice dark gray color. In shakudo I use 4% of scrap gold and it work perfectly, I have very dark a bit blue color.
  6. Bartosz Ulatowski

    Japanese sword scabbard fittings set

    Very very nice.
  7. Bartosz Ulatowski

    drawing tutorials

    In my opinion drawing is essential, for me it is duty to make many sketches before sculpting. But there is one big problem with drawing. It is very hard to learned how to draw good without someones help. I think it is very hard to do it only by yourself and I will say it is impossible without live model. I know that by myself. For about 5-6 years I've been drawing about 2-3 hours a day, 3-5 times a week and I still think that I'm very average in it. Try to study old masters sketches, not their finished work but fast drawing, they are absolutely wonderful and perfect example for how we should draw. And after that when you understand and learned it you can try to draw in your own way. But As I sad at the beginning, you should do as many drawings before sculpting as it is possible, it is my good advice.
  8. Bartosz Ulatowski

    How to create usfull gravering table

    It will be very short tutorial but I hope It will help someone. I create for myself (some time ago so it is well tested) nice and very practical rotating table for gravering. I used typical rotating wooden bard for fruits. I tare off rubber from bottom, attached copper circular plate and cut one side to adjust for my table and at the end I put some tare. That's all. Cost about 20-30$, little work but works great. To stop rotating just use wooden peg. I using it for tsuba but I image that you can use it for many objects. Best Bartosz
  9. Bartosz Ulatowski

    Copper patination

    This is what I've been looking for. Thank you very much.
  10. Bartosz Ulatowski

    Copper patination

    Thank you Fred, this is lovely color but I have another problem. I can't heat it so much because I used silver solder. So when heating small parts will fall from copper. (I'm making pendant to my friend for Christmas). So what can I do to get this kind of red but without heating it over 600C. (1112F if I'm right).
  11. Bartosz Ulatowski

    Copper patination

    I have a question. How to get nice red color on copper? I'm not thinking about orange or brown like thanks to rokusho but intensive red or red/cherry color? I know than when you heat copper and than put it quickly into water you get red, but it is very risky and not stable process. Does anyone knows any better solution?
  12. Bartosz Ulatowski

    My katana

    I have finely put together my own sword for practice. You probably all know how it is. When you doing something for other people it is hard to find some time and do something for your self. But I menage, and so blade is gendaito (II WW but made in traditionally ways) signed Emura. It was good smith. And fittings are mine. I showed you tsuba so no need to tell about it but rest is something new. It shows chrysanthemum in different stages of blossoming. From bloom on koiguchi to little flower on fushi to normal flower on menuki and old flower on kashira. This set is an artistic impression of the nature and it tries to capture not only plant but also time.
  13. Bartosz Ulatowski

    Beetle tanto set

    This is set I have done about two years ago but now I decide that it have ripen. The patina has reach good color and it is time to show it. It is made of brass and beetles are gold with silver legs. This is simple study of insects but on kashira you can see a real drama. Two beetles were pushing goo ball but it stuck on a tall grass and they can't pus it any more even if they try. This is a real scene I saw in forest one day and I thought that it will be a good story for sword fittings.
  14. Bartosz Ulatowski

    My latest fittings

    Hello I saw few wonderful new project on this forum so I decided to show also my works. I hope you like them.
  15. Bartosz Ulatowski

    Kami Tsuba

    Patrick wonderful tsuba. Very nice patina on shibuischi. Mine is always darker. I love this alloy, I will be doing new shibuishi plate for tsuba so this time I use more silver I'm wonder what effect I will get. This is the problem, I think when European people write kanji without many years of studding it looks ridiculous. That's why I don't sign my fittings. (Lethal elegance p 110?)