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  1. Natasha, Your work is amazing! I can't imagine doing a carving without drawings. I usually do my bug sculptures without drawings but they are built up from many pieces. I can't imagine cutting away with only my imagination to guide me. Again, Beautiful! Dick Visit My Website
  2. Hi Ko, Beautiful work. I also love the Tonkotsu. Here is an interesting piece I picked up last week. Dick Visit My Website
  3. Hello Everyone, Kathy and I would like to wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year! Nick, who is wearing the Santa Hat really is the Christmas dog. I picked him up in the middle of the road after a young woman in the car in front of me tossed him out of her car. He weighed 6 lbs. and was about eight weeks old. When I put him on my lap to drive the rest of the way home he hugged me and would not let go. That was 10:30 Christmas morning four years ago. We named him after St. Nick. He is the best Christmas present I ever received! Dick Visit My Website
  4. Wow! Your high relief carving in steel is amazing. Dick Visit My Website
  5. Dick Bonham

    From Janel

    Hi Janel, I hope everything goes well with your Mother. I know what you are dealing with, My Mother will be 95. All the best, Dick
  6. Hi Ford, Ahrrr.. Your wife is right Johnny Depp is the best costumed pirate to ever roam the celluloid seas. Dick Visit My Website
  7. Hi Tom and Clive, Thanks Tom. We must have posted our message's at the same time. I think I will make the piece 4" D. I have had some hollow pieces turned and they are very heavy. I think I will try raising the two pieces from sheet. I want the piece to come apart so there will be something inside and something outside. Clive, I found the discussion very interesting. I am sorry people became upset. However, now we can debate how many angel's will fit on the point of a pin. Dick
  8. Hi Clive, What I am interested in is a piece within the rough parameters of a netsuke. What I am thinking of is a piece that can be both a netsuke and a piece of medalic sculpture. I have an ivory netsuke on a tobacco pouch that is 3" D x 1" thick. I think some of the Sumo wrestlers I have seen could wear a netsuke as large and heavy as Michelangelo's David. I really am trying to get a serious answer. How large do you think I could go and have it technically be a netsuke? Dick
  9. Hi, I asked a question a while back and never did get an answer. Since the original question was about beginning a project and the size and weight of a riusha netsuke I hope the question is appropriate. What would be the largest size and weight a riusha netsuke could be created and still be considered a netsuke? I do know that sumo wrestlers wore huge tobacco pouches with very large netsuke. I have been thinking of making a riusha netsuke out of metal. This would be the opposite of being too fragile. In this case it might be too robust and heavy. Dick
  10. Hi, I was wondering what the largest size that a Ryusa netsuke could be created and still be a netsuke? Dick Visit My Website
  11. Hi Clive, Thank you for sharing your stunning piece. The grass really sets it off. Amazing. Thanks again, Dick
  12. Hi Jim, A beautifully carved piece! I love the stream. Dick
  13. Hi Hans, What a neat piece. I really like the "Steam Punk" genre. The last insect "Preying Mantis" was accidently in that style. I created a "Steam Punk" piece and didn't know it. Thank you for sharing! Dick
  14. Hi Jon, You put a great deal of thought into your design and the end result is a beautiful piece. Dick Visit My Website
  15. Hi, Many of these "scrimshaw" pieces are cast plastic with fillers to add weight. Some of these fakes are difficult to spot because they are so well done. Take a red hot needle an push it into the piece (somewhere it will not be noticed). If the needle goes in and you smell burnt plastic it is a fake. If the needle has no effect it is ivory or whale bone. Dick
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