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    Urushi Pearl Project

    Hi, I belong to another jewellery forum and this was posted , I thought it would be of interest, never done any, it seems to be a kind of organic Mokume Gane just very slow to do . http://edisonpen.com/page.cfm/Urushi-Pearl-Project regards Tim.
  2. Tim Blades

    Antique Netsuke and Ojime

    Hi , I tried to post this in resources but the forum wouldn't let me , don't know why? Anyway a link to some very comprehensive photos, particularly of Ojime. A great resource! http://www.antiquenetsuke.co.uk/ regards Tim.
  3. Tim Blades

    anyone make their own carving points?

    Hi, came to this thread a bit late, there is a good book 'The American Lapidary' by Henry Hunt. He goes into a lot of detail on polishing with wood points and wheels,also copper tools , what is the best wood and mixes for diamond. Also making your own equipment. There is a lot on design that probably won't apply but I don't know of any more comprehensive info except for his first book. I Googled it and it is still available for about $25 . regards Tim.
  4. Tim Blades

    How do you hold a small piece to work on it?

    One thing I have seen, don't know what it is called, is a loop of cord long enough to put under your foot and over the bench pin. You hold the work by looping it over your piece and pushing down with your foot, easy and quick to adjust. Or you can make a small cantilevered lever over your bench pin and loop the cord over that. Your work is then held between two bits of wood. I have looked for a photo in vain, regards Tim.
  5. Tim Blades

    micro motor tools

    Thanks for the advice Tom, I tracked down a new front bearing and it is running as sweet as a nut now. Apparently Royal is a common make for dental technicians although they don't seem to have a web presence. It cost me a tenner and was easy to replace. for anyone in the UK with one I got it from a company called Skillbond, they are also sending me details of their range of burs which sound interesting. Dental technicians seem to use bigger stuff than dentists. regards Tim.
  6. Tim Blades

    micro motor tools

    Hi, I have an ex dental Micromotor, a Royal Hand engine C-33 . I got it second hand a few years ago and it has been very useful for delicate wax carving and also a bit of silverwork. It is starting to get hot at the front end,ie too hot to hold in the end. Can(or should) I oil it , or are its bearings going. I don't put a lot of pressure on it but a do use it for prolonged periods, say 1/2 -3/4 of an hour at a time. is this too long to use one? I wouldn't be without one now, especially since I made myself what I am told is a 'Knuckleduster' see below I didn't invent it but I can't find the source at the moment. It does stop your hand aching though. Anyone help?, regards Tim.
  7. Tim Blades

    Janvier Transfer Engraving Machine

    Hi Ford, thought I would look. There is one on E-bay at the moment http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Roland-MDX-20-Modela...1QQcmdZViewItem regards Tim.
  8. Tim Blades

    Janvier Transfer Engraving Machine

    OK Ford, I am Near Tetbury and the Arboretum, let me know when you are coming. Are you and Clive allowed out together? regards Tim.
  9. Tim Blades

    Janvier Transfer Engraving Machine

    Hi Ford, Roland have dealers in South Africa, http://www.rolanddg.co.za/index.html They are discontinuing the two relevant models,so press for a deep discount, read more on the MDX users forum on Yahoo. http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/mdx_users/ The MDX-15 has a work area of 6"x4", the MDX-20 8"x6" In the UK they cost about £2000 and £3000 respectively full price new. A lot of jewellery CAD users started with one and then moved on to a better(and more expensive) one, you get what you pay for. You could ask on http://3dcadjewelry.com/phpbb/index.php?si...bd9c267eea59b69 and see if anyone wants to sell one , they only come up on E-bay very occasionally. There are attachments such as a more powerful(and quieter!) motor, see http://fourth-axis.com/ I just think they are an easy place to start, even though they have their shortcomings. It's a shame you have moved from the UK, you must have been just down the road from me. regards Tim.
  10. Tim Blades

    Janvier Transfer Engraving Machine

    Hi All, Here are some pics of an earring wax I have been working on, I had already started on it when this subject came up so the first pic is fairly well roughed out. Next most of the detail put in and the back hollowed out. An angled view , the white dot is 10mm diameter. The wax is then put in the MDX-20 and fixed down with double sided tape. The pointer travels across in rows 1/20mm apart and is very gentle , you can scan plasticine without leaving marks. to scan this wax took about 15 hours, lower resolution is obviously faster. This is the machine ,about as big as a printer. A representation of the scan, note the double sided tape came out well! The 3D file is 'flipped' to give a mirror image and then cut in a block of wax, you cannot see what is happening, the swarf piles up as it cuts. the opposite handed wax with most of the wax dust brushed out. The base wax filed off with a coarse mill file . The pair together , ready to be carved to finish, and some carving tools to get into the crevices. I hope you don't disapprove too much, carving good opposite pairs by hand is not easy! Any questions please ask, regards Tim.
  11. Tim Blades

    Janvier Transfer Engraving Machine

    Hi Ford, I am carving a model for a pair of earrings at the moment, I will take some photos as I go and post them. The model I am working on is about 20mm diameter, the machine I have will go up to 6"x8" which is plenty big enough for me. I thought when I first saw one that they would put hand carvers out of business, but unless your work is pretty geometric it is still easier to work by hand, and make alterations as you go. regards Tim.
  12. Tim Blades

    Janvier Transfer Engraving Machine

    Hi Ford, I found a picture of the Cheverton machine, I think it would only be OK with fairly large items. I don't know if you all would approve but if I have to do an opposite handed item when I have carved a wax, I use a Roland 3D scanner and Carving machine. It does the roughing out and I can then hand finish. Buy now while stocks last , they are going to stop making the scanners, I wouldn't be without mine , It saves me loads of time. regards Tim.
  13. Tim Blades

    Janvier Transfer Engraving Machine

    There is a copying machine that goes back a bit invented by Benjamin Cheverton, if you Google it you can find a picture . I have a photocopy out of a book by Carson Ritchie , it could do 3-D larger or smaller and was not very highly thought of, too easy........ I do casting for a sculptor /medallist who has worked for the Royal Mint in the UK (look for IRB under the Queens head). He said that they used to have half a dozen and scrapped them when they went computerised, they sold them off and a friend of his bought one cheap. I quizzed him about what they looked like and all he could remember, not being mechanically minded ,was that they had a lot of cogs involved . He said that you got a much better result than you do now with CAD/CAM. I bet the Science Museum would have one. Regards Tim.
  14. Tim Blades

    Japanese sen zogan or wire inlay tutorial

    Hi Ford, that is fabulous, very clear. I didn't realise until the last pic how small it was, could you perhaps put a 1cm sticky label dot in the shot to remind us of the scale. In all the instructions I have read in the past it always looks as if you are supposed to undercut , and I could never see how to do it, you have cleared it up completely, regards Tim.
  15. Tim Blades

    Tottoiseshell Working plus other techniques

    I am very impressed, I have now watched all the tortoiseshell vids, if only I knew what she was saying! anyone care to translate? .....Ford? I assume it is standard Japanese. I have not looked at the ones on ivory carving yet. Tim.