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  1. Ekrem

    new member arrived

    Hi Dmitry, Thank you for the answer. It's emazing to make those drawings with ball point pens. Thanks for sharing. BTW, my grand parents also moved to Turkiye from Caucasus, from Dagestan. Best regards. ekrem.
  2. Ekrem

    More Insects

    Hello Toscano, Those pictures are really incredible. Some of them I haven't even seen before! Thank you for sharing. Best regards. ekrem.
  3. Ekrem

    new member arrived

    Okay Dmitry, regarding the Satyr, how about after drawing the outline and punching the paper from behind with a round, ball like punch, and then charcoal the front and erase the rased parts some how for shading? If that's not it, I gave up Best regards, ekrem.
  4. Ekrem

    new member arrived

    First of all welcome to the carving path Dmitry. I liked all the pictures of your work, I can also appreciate many hours of work and effort spent in making them by using only hand tools, and thank you for sharing them with us. Looking from a jewelers point of view, in your drawings, my favorites are the fish, and the letter knife. By just looking at the beautiful picture in your avatar, I think you’ve done the small human like Greek mythological figure, “satyr”, either by pencil, by charcoal , or by pastel powder. Am I right? Hey, your English is just like mine, don't wory about it Best regards. Ekrem.
  5. That's great, then it worked Best regards, and will see you there some time. ekrem.
  6. Hello Janel, I'm sorry, I forgot to write what the rose tile was all about. The rose tile is carved on a separate sheet of sterling silver, just for practice purposes. It's a practice plate another words. After it was finished I gave it to one of my jeweler friends and he cut it in to pieces, cast them, and use it in making new gold bracelets. Best regards, ekrem.
  7. I'm glad you've enjoyed the pictures Magnus, and thank you for the compliment. Best regards. ekrem.
  8. Hi All, Here is a sterling silver pendant I carved some time ago which I would like to share with you. I requested to take a picture of it from one of my best friends and colleague from Berlin, Germany for whom I made it for. While we were visiting him (me and my wife), it was a lucky coincidence that we had a chance to see one of the most well-known vine festivals in Berlin which is held every year in August, being the Bernkastel-Kues Wine Festival (31 August-4 September). Here I’m posting some pictures from that little village with all its hills covered with grapevines and river passing below the hills which I think you’ll enjoy looking. I certainly would suggest everyone to go and see that little village, it really has an astounding view. Very delicious wines too Best Regards. ekrem
  9. Ekrem

    The First Breath

    Thank you very much Natasha. You have sent exactly the information I needed. Best regards. ekrem.
  10. Ekrem

    Grapes, leaves & moth

    You are most welcome Jim. As soon as I get a compressor and hook every thing up, I will let you know how it goes. Best regards, ekrem. BTW, what is the size of that pin, and the thickness of the moth before you've started to carve? Best regards ekrem.
  11. Ekrem

    Grapes, leaves & moth

    Hi Jim, The piece really looks nice. Did you cast the 18K golden moth? And is it inlayed or pinned on the piece? I also love the little golden shots you've scattered on the leaves Thanks for sharing the way you've done it, and the photos of the finished piece. BTW, I've spoken with Steve Lindsay, and got an Air Graver from him, and told him that you've recommended it. The compressor being too heavy for me to take it with me by plane, I have to get one from here and mount the hoses and other stuff on it, another words, I havent tried it out yet. Thanks for the suggestion Jim, as you've said in one of your previous posts, he really is a very nice person to talk to and do business with. Best regards. ekrem.
  12. Ekrem

    Old Frog, New Frog, Apple

    Hello Janel, I was just wondering, how can anyone carve something, so beautiful, so delicate, on wood, ready to chip. I have been carving metal for some thirty years, and will start carving stones shortly, but I do not think I will never, ever try to carve on wood. The frog, the leaves, and the space emptied underneath without braking or chipping the delicate layer of the leaves... It's gorgeous. Thanks for sharing Janel! And yes I saw it, It looks even better in 3D. Best regards. ekrem.
  13. Ekrem

    The First Breath

    Thank you very much Natasha. Best regards ekrem.
  14. Ekrem

    The First Breath

    It sure is a stunning work of art Natasha! It's beautiful! What did you use to polish all those tiny grooves? The piece looks so smooth all the way round. Best regards. ekrem.
  15. Ekrem

    Keir's Photos

    Hello DanM, Those are very interesting pictures, I especially liked the one on top "a new zealand fern". Formation of the leaves look wonderful. Are they formed that way naturally? I'm even inspired to make a ring out of that picture! Thanks for sharing.