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  1. Thank you, Jim for providing such a repository of knowlege and information.
  2. That little photo group was very educational in the step by step process of creating your frog on a branch. Just that small detail of tilting it slightly at the base creates an interest and stability that is subtle yet definite. Another great piece shaping up. (Also I like reading your observations on the nature around you that inspires you to create). I find as I get older, I get too caught up in the "real" world to disassociate into the creative world like I could do when I was younger and freer. I've been laid up all week with a bout of pneumonia and have had lots of time to think. Amazingly the days still zoom by. I've got a few creative deadlines to meet (knives)and am behind in my work. The job that I work at full time, although understanding still reminds me that I'm needed to get better and come back and wear myself down to exhaustion again... (my interpretation). But enough of that. A part of me just wants to chuck it all aside and meander thru life like a character from a Hermann Hesse novel, I don't have that luxury just yet. In conclusion...I love your pieces and your outlook on life and nature in general. I find it inspiring to say the least.
  3. Janel, My friend, Ron Frazier uses scraps of damascus. He forges them into miniature blades for small replica knives that he creates. His customers love them.
  4. Glad to Dave, Actually I just watched it again the other day. It is in depth and full of how to info. I've drawn up a plan for a knife and want to get started carving using the Broadwell technique. It will give you lots of ideas, but best of all, you will learn how to make those ideas a reality.
  5. Mr. Broadwell. I see a strange image forming in in the scroll pattern. Bits of undersea "alien". Thanks for posting the unfinished. That's how I learn different techniques. Thanks for sharing. Mike R.
  6. Welcome aboard, Bill. Please show us some of your work.
  7. Picasa is another free photo program. In my humble opinion it is a whole lot easier to size, adjust and export photos than Irfanview. I have both on my pc and seldom if ever use Irfanview. http://picasa.google.com/
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