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  1. I like the form and character of this catfish, it's just right.
  2. I like the design, I don't imagine it's easy to harmoniously combine the representational parts with the arabesque design, but you did it. The execution is flawless.
  3. That is an exquisite piece of work. May I ask how you did the inlay?
  4. Thanks for the concise yet informative tutorial! (it was a privilege to see this piece in progress)
  5. I love how you used the natural shape of the horn for the salmon!
  6. Jim - so I had better get practicing! Polimita - Thanks! It's encouraging to see others take on so many hobbies. The way I see it, life is finite, so we should make the most of it and try everything that we can!
  7. Clive, that's a beautiful composition. How did you get hold of a shrink-ray?
  8. beautiful, the translucency really works with this insect.
  9. excellent shaping. I used to catch frogs all the time as a child, this is how I remember them.
  10. Thanks! I just started learning recently (I had to build the instrument first).
  11. Seal carved in inlaid pink ivory wood, rear grille of pierced bone.
  12. Construction: The erhu main body are made of rosewood, with inlays of bamboo, boxwood, pink ivory wood, ebony, bone, and buffalo horn. The two metal tuning mechanisms (a modern development found in some beginner erhu) are machined and soldered brass, steel and sterling silver. I will post some of the highlights soon, but for now, construction pictures can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chosetec/sets...57622669284359/
  13. I finished this instrument recently, I would like to share some pictures of the progress and finished piece.
  14. You know how biologists are able to grow bone and other tissues in a test tube now? Hopefully they'll do this with ivory for us carvers someday! guilt-free ivory.
  15. Excellent carving, very lively. I like the hair work, it's different from most mouse netsuke I've seen.
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