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    I am interested on learning from all the master carvers in the forum and to share my knowledge as well.
  1. think on this early in the morning nice breakfast carve some jade feel all the maguic that the stone have to ofer to help you to bring up what is inside of it then you can enjoy the ocean of the caribean, i am very happy to inform to all of you guys that very soon any body that like will have e chance to learn to carved jade. enjoin the sea ocean, mayan sites and the life of can cun along whit that can cun have to offer i keep you inform
  2. Hi david .no i dont have .but i am working in e new frog and i can share whit you how i do it step by step. Is very simple in fact . You just carved inside the shape of evry singel gold spot then inlay the gold and grind it and polish .jajajjaajjajaja no .is e joke but it is very simple .i show in e fiew days
  3. Thanks jannel i thougth in amber but as it is stone agate feels like it . Thanks christophe .the netzuke is in stand by .for the moment . Natasha was rigth now i am in the point of carving the inside and i roun out of tools . But very soon i post some pics
  4. Hi guys i been away for long time i keep more in touch .here is my last piece is grey ligth blueish jade toad the eyes are made of clear agate . Whit blak enamel and gold leaf i enjoy very mouch working whit it some final detal and is finish
  5. hi guys , all this coments and gidence , help me to see , my carvings in very diferent way , the nestky is on the proces , but is getting where i want , tomorrow i post some new pics on this proyect ,
  6. janell, sorry for the sieze i dont know how to reduce , is this sieze ok ?
  7. hi guys , i have been away for some time , but i want to share my last piece, it took allmost 4 years to have it made , only work on it from time to time , is abouth 35 cm tall
  8. thanks to you all , to make this pieze was funn ,lots of funn , bigg challenge to think of it becouse the color was very difuse so was e little hard to get the rigth division you know ,but I like the out come , but steel not getting the quality I want , have to keep on working harder
  9. hi guys there is long time since I have post , here is the last one guatemalan jade doble color in one piece is abouth 1 x 2 1/2 inches
  10. hi , yes thats the one piedra60@live.com or look for "dante lopez" it have one of the muphets do you remember animal the droms player is e red carecter thats the one I have in my profile
  11. hi debbie, I am fine , how are you , how is your hand , no more pain ?? hope not , I am been very bussy lots of work, ,are you on the face ?? look me up piedra60@live.com thancks thomas, I relly enjoy making this one )
  12. jajajajajajajajaajjaaj sorry forgot to atach the file
  13. hi guys I have been gone for e long time , here my last piece is balck guatemalan jade eyes are sitrin , 14 k gold ,diamond 25 points red coral tonge is 2 inches tall
  14. hi,thanks, I definaly see the change in my recent works, ,i post as soon as I get back to the netzky
  15. hi to all againg , this proyect of the netzuke is not finish, since i decide to do this as close to perfection is pocible , now I understand what nathasha toll me that to reach the inside part will be dificult in jade in particular , hoo my good she was VERY VERY RIGHT, but thats part of the beautu of this type of proyects no??, I think in this year the piece will be done , I spend the hold year in perfecioning my polishing tecnikes, for this proyect , now I have reach the ceramic lookink type polishing on jade and it looks very nice , but this piece will have many textures higli polish mate and stting , now for jade and the streng there is nothing to worry becouse this piece is made on guatemal jadeita which is the hardest of thejadeitas in the planet , many times peaple think that jade is soft becouse the chinise carved and sale bohemita for jade that is e type of serpentine, nothing to do whit jade ,the jade is harder then steel and very resistent, in fact the year before when I was working on this piece I drop by accident e piece of 1 kilo on top of this piece from e distance of 30cm and I think it was brake in many pieces , but nop jajajaja not e songle crack not even internal nothing , so this will give you e idea of how strong it is , when I was working on this piece empting the inside , many of my carving beats broke becouse the friccion whit some part of the jade the steel wear out jajaja can you imaguine , I post some new pics in this week for you to see the result on this proyect , but something I can tell is , that after this proyect all my prespective of carving totaly change ,now I see the pieces more like e poem , where everything on the piece is as important as the principal piece , thanks to all of you ,for make me change my perseption on the carving ,
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