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    Working with Antler

    I was walking through a wash near my house when I found a shed antler; so being the thrifty person I am, I grabbed it and carried it home. I've played a little bit with carving some of the tips and found a couple things. A) I'm having a very hard time carving this; the ironwood I had was easier. Is this typical, are there ways to make this easier, or am I just doing something wrong? And It's hard to clearly see any of the carving on it. Do I just need to carve deeper, or would staining it work? If so, what would any of you recommend?
  2. Doug Bostic

    Working with Antler

    Janel, Thank you very much for the information. It looks like I'll be putting that project on hold for the moment, so I can can make myself some tools. But now, I have questions about the tools themselves. I was wondering what you made them from. I know you said one was from a dentistry tool, but I was wondering if you could tell me what else you had used to make the other ones.
  3. Doug Bostic

    Working with Antler

    Fair enough, I'll just keep working at it.
  4. My first couple little projects. Both in desert ironwood, with hemp cord binding. The first is inspired by the maori fishhook designs. I hope to do another in bone at some point, it was quite fun. The other actually started its life as my first attempt at the design, but my carelessness lead to it becoming somehting else instead, and ended as this. Hopefully the picture quality is adequete. I also have a knife that I'm almost done with, also with desert iron wood, this time as scales, which I'll show when I've finished it.
  5. Doug Bostic

    New kid on the block

    Well, I just recently joined and was reminded that I should be polite enough to say hello to everyone. I'm a young 'un, just recently 18; currently in Tucson, AZ. Very much a novice carver, I've just recently started my first few projects; which I will happily post for critique upon completion. I'm also a novice bladesmith, as well as a martial artist, haphazard musician, self-instructed painter and writer, and just about anything else I've found myself able to fit into the schedule of a full time student. I want to thank everyone here for the knowledge imparted already here on the board, and hope to learn much more over time from now on.
  6. Doug Bostic

    New kid on the block

    Janel, I had a feeling I'd be the youngest of the group. It doesn't seem to be the most popular thing for my generation to be interested in. Fred, Actually, no, I have not yet. Interestingly enough, I am planing on giving him a call today, as I'm interested in taking his course next semester. So Hopefully I'll be meeting him sometime in the near future. Good to know there's other Tucsonans about. Thank you both for the warm welcome.