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  1. Debbie

    classical netsuke

    what makes them red with a touch of antique? or is it a secret?
  2. Debbie

    Morning on a flower

    Natasha, you are an amazing woman with the great ability for such deep consentration. Your work is beautiful!
  3. Debbie

    power engraving

    For air, I use CO2 canisters and tanks, I do have a couple of air compressors in a completely different part of the house with a long hose, one of those new types that are translucent and light weight. I have a Lindsay Palm Graver and with the small CO2 canisters I am very mobile. This is just some information that might help with the noise problem plus some extra info. Debbie
  4. Debbie

    From the Interior of Alaska

    Hi Chuck, where do you live, I live in South Anchorage and have friends all over Alaska. Anchorage is a strange place and if I had a chance I would move to western Alaska and live where all my friends live but my health will not alow me to right now. I do alot of work in ivory, I love the feel. Where are you at? Debbie
  5. Debbie

    Puppy and kitten

    that is on of the most sweet pieces of sculpture I think I have ever seen, beautiful. Debbie
  6. Debbie

    new heraldic sculpture

    very good work Phil, thank you for showing us. Your tutorial will be interesting to read. Debbie
  7. Debbie

    Two boxwood Kirin netsuke

    Ko, These are great, it would be fun to see all the differentances in the two and then you take it to another level of 'what makes a person see things in such a different way then carve them in such a different manner.' They both look great, thank you for letting us see these together. Regards, Debbie
  8. Debbie

    Bone Carving

    As far as germs in things we carve, I was told by an old doctor friend of mine years ago to get a tetnus shot once a year and if you do cut yourself drench the wound with hydrogen pyoxide and put antibiotic salve on it and a bandage. I have never had problems following what he perscribed. So I really don't worry about things I carve, I love to carve alot of things that at one time could have had really bad and nasty germs, I still carve! Regards, Debbie
  9. Debbie

    Cornel Schneider

    Cornel's work is truly beautiful, he does have a gift. Janel please thank him for sharing with us, it will be nice if he would show us when it is through. Kindest Regards, Debbie
  10. Debbie

    Not a miniature - but check it out

    Don, it is beautiful, do take it easy and pace yourself - we certantly don't want to loose you. Your work is always so beautiful. How deep is the relief and what is the wood and what are you using to support against warpage of the panel. 'Lots of questions, teach me your secrets!' LUV, Debbie
  11. Debbie

    Hokusai and netsuke

    You have just reminded me why I don't waste my time to research things for anyone anymore. I am truly sorry if I have offended you and be assured it will not happen again. Very Sincerely, Debbie
  12. Debbie

    Home made tools

    that bench is too clean, you work on that bench or just sit back and admire it like I would. You have a pretty good setup there, is it comfortable to work on that clean bench. (I'm just funning you) It really looks good, and do those blocks work well? Debbie
  13. Debbie

    Hokusai and netsuke

    If I may say, Hokusai was a sort of Norman Rockwell of Japan, he had a habit of painting self portraits in his paintings. I have two books of his work and have yet to find these two paintings or any of this style. I will keep up the hunt for something for you, please give me time. Regards, Debbie ps the signature on this work is not Hokusai's
  14. Debbie

    Natasha's birthday

    Happy birthday my friend. Regards, Debbie
  15. Debbie


    To whoever reads this - I advise to pay attention to Janel on how to avoid getting hurt, I have bad habits and I am a bad example and sometimes I don't pay attention to what I'm doing which I thus get sliced - this is not good!!! So if you have any questions on safty please contact Janel and she will work with you to make your workspace a pleasent place to be rather than just memories of getting sliced. My bench has always got a bottle of H2O2 and a full box of bandaids and I really enjoy cleaning blood up from my work, bench, floor, tool boxes, tools,............ It is so much fun - NOT!! BE CAREFUL!!! you are working with sharp tools! Regards, Debbie