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  1. Well folks looks I am going to be buying another tool - hopefully my last! Thank everyone for all the great information! Debbie
  2. Simon I was alittle short with my responce on the turbo carver, let me clarify my experiance with my little miracle power tool. First of all the air compressor you use should be a small comercial, an air brush type does not work I understand, I have never tryed it myself, all of my compressors are comercial with small tanks. I am able to carve hens eggs without chipping or breaking. I have carved emu eggs and have gotten wonderful results and effects. I have used it on metal, annealed steel is the hardest and only with high grade diamond bits and what you accomplish ingraving, unless you are very patient and work over the same spot over and over. You cannot sensibly carve steel with this tool, as has been said and I will say the answer about torque - it has none - zero - don't even think torque! This tool is not for removing wood substantially, this is only for intense detail, and it does a beautiful job. When I am useing this tool to a flat surface such as the side of a face or the surface of a leaf it feels just as though I am chaseing silver. For what it is made for it is a wonderful little tool. The model I bought is the one that has the water mist attachment. I carve small stones, with this little attachment I am no longer stuck with files and sand paper, or useing a flexshaft in a pan of water. I feel I have reached the 20th century. Next I hope to graduate to the 21st century with laser..... Debbie
  3. I have a turbo carver II and I love it. The only way it works on metal is with diamond bits and don't get matcho.
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