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    Sovereign Nation of Indiana
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    I'm 55. I went to Purdue two and a half years back in the '70s.

    Got a Degree in Industrial Maintenance and almost completed a Welding Degree early in the'00s.

    Took about four art Classes along the way--Wish that I could afford to take more.

    Mostly Draw and Paint, but want to get into Welded Sculpture.

    Right now I'm on disability and very poor.

    I have three Dogs: Hermione is a 200 Pound Bloodhound; Horatio is a 100 Pound Dogge De Bourdeaux an Hagrid Needleteeth is a Mushroom--Cuse he's a Little Fungi (Fun Guy).

    His Mother is a Rt terrier and His father was probably a Blue Tick Hound.


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