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  1. octopus wood works

    Boxwood UK

    Hi, You can supply boxwood in UK on below link www.exotichardwoodsukltd.com Muzaffer Yeltekin
  2. octopus wood works

    boxwood from Turkey

    Hello Bill, You can find out your boxwoods. 3 years seasoned. When you need master boxwood logs or squares, can supply Octopus. Octopus
  3. octopus wood works

    Boxwood - any suppliers in the USA?

    Hello All, You can supply Turkish Boxwood from Octopus Wood Works. http://site.mynet.com/octopuswoodworks/boxwood/ www.octopus.com.tr/store worldwide service ok. Thanks M.Y.
  4. octopus wood works

    boxwood from Turkey

    Hello Simon, Now we can supply boxwood logs you, Click below link please for more details. http://www.octopus.com.tr/photos/boxwoodlogs/ Our pricing is wholesale on web. Back us please to my mail. info@octopus.com.tr it's better. Because here forum not commercial place. Thanks. Muzaffer
  5. octopus wood works

    boxwood from Turkey

    Hi Simon, Your welcome. I don't know what will you buy? as logs or squares? If squares no problem. No quarentine. If you can buy wholesale as boxwood logs Yes. But we can to fumigation boxwoods. (1000 kg and up) We are ready to help you. Thanks Good day. Muzaffer
  6. octopus wood works

    boxwood from Turkey

    Hi Simon, Yes I know them. I'm owner of Octopus Wood Works ltd. Turkiye. Now you can supply 3-5 years seasoned boxwood from Octopus firm. There are many experiences on web. http://www.octopus.com.tr/store/?page=our_...p;mc=&id=76 Don't hasitate please to give an order. Thanks. Muzaffer Yeltekin m.yeltekin@octopus.com.tr skype octopuswoodworks