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  1. Wow!!! your work is amazing Natasha. Lonnie
  2. Wow amazing work Natasha she turned out excellant. How many hours would you say you have in this one? Lonnie
  3. Wow!!!! That is Amazing Thank You. Lonnie
  4. Hi, Janel I've been working on netsuke tools will post pics when finished. Lonnie
  5. Hi Janel, I Love "Twilight Meeting." It turned out beutiful, thank you for sharing the ukibori technique with us its really neat to see the process you use. Also what type of finish did you use it really compliments the peice. The person that purchased that peice sure is fortunate. Lonnie
  6. Hi Natasha, Thank you you have been very helpful, these are good thing to know. Lonnie
  7. Thanks Folks You have all been very helpful. Its now time to go shoppin!!! Lonnie
  8. Hi, Does anyone know any good sources for mammoth tusk for carving? Lonnie
  9. Great designs, I like the one that is 3rd row down,far right keep up the good work. Lonnie
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