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  1. Wow!!! your work is amazing Natasha. Lonnie
  2. Wow amazing work Natasha she turned out excellant. How many hours would you say you have in this one? Lonnie
  3. Wow!!!! That is Amazing Thank You. Lonnie
  4. Hi, Janel I've been working on netsuke tools will post pics when finished. Lonnie
  5. Hi Janel, I Love "Twilight Meeting." It turned out beutiful, thank you for sharing the ukibori technique with us its really neat to see the process you use. Also what type of finish did you use it really compliments the peice. The person that purchased that peice sure is fortunate. Lonnie
  6. Hi Natasha, Thank you you have been very helpful, these are good thing to know. Lonnie
  7. Thanks Folks You have all been very helpful. Its now time to go shoppin!!! Lonnie
  8. Hi, Does anyone know any good sources for mammoth tusk for carving? Lonnie
  9. Great designs, I like the one that is 3rd row down,far right keep up the good work. Lonnie
  10. Welcome Don, Its good to hear from you, I have been following Floyd Radigans work and he is a excellant carver. Its good to hear from a fellow caricature carver.I too have been trying my hand at clay sculpting and it too is a blast!! Lonnie
  11. Hi Andrew, I found a dental website that might be helpful. The scrapers and carvers are stainless steel but they say they are heat treated on both ends. Good Luck let me know how it turns out. http://www.bestbuydentalsupply.com/shop/buyprod/ Lonnie
  12. Hi Natasha, Thank you for posting a photo of your tools, This helps alot . Lonnie
  13. Hi Natasha, The Masatoshi collection would be good? Does it show the carving process or collection photos ? Thank You , Lonnie
  14. Wow!! you are a amazing artist that is a very beautiful peice. How long did this one take you to do?, also would you recommend the book "The Art of Netsuke." by Raymond Bushell for a beginner wanting to do netsuke? Thank You, Lonnie Jones
  15. Hi, Janel that is a beautiful peice it looks like its coming along nicely, thank you for taking us along on this journey, I can't wait to see the finished peice. Lonnie
  16. It was a great video, It really shed some light on netsuke carving, Maybe in the future
  17. David, Thank you for the information, I can't wait to see the finished knife. I think I will be leaning toward a good micro motor and just take my time get use to the feel of it. Lonnie
  18. Thank you I appreciate it Janel I'll give these folk a call, I was wondering do you usually when you carve on mammoth tusk do you usually do the majority of the rough shape of your peices with the micro carver and the do find detail with hand tools. I ran across a short video clip of you demonstrating the use of your tools on a peice of boxwood in the forum and I was wondering if you had a demo on tusk carving. Lonnie
  19. Thank You David, I appreciate it, I like the price on that one to it fits nicely into my budget. I looked at your website and your knifes and pens are amazing. Lonnie
  20. Hi everyone, I was needing some advice on micro motor tool, I was wanting to start carving netsuke and I was wondering which micro moto tools are the best there are a few that I have been looking at the nsk and foredoms new micro motors could anyone offer any advice? Thank you, Lonnie
  21. Some are commisioned work, and some are from my imagination
  22. Hi Sergio, Thank you for your kind words, I checked your website and your work is amazing, My hats off to you sir, I will try to post more of my most recent work. Lonnie
  23. I do still carve alot, I volunteer to teach at a local senior center once a week and I enjoy it alot. I would encourage to take a class it is really a fun experience. In fact Ivan Willock and Marv Kaisersatt live in the same state you do and they both teach, I think you would enjoy either one of their classes. Lonnie
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