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  1. Thanks for sharing Amazing work
  2. metalartz

    Aceton In Vacuum

    Hi Stephan I have a friend you stabilized stones in epoxy/acetone by leaving it in a sealed jar for several weeks then let it dry. Have also heard that pressure works better than vacuum. david
  3. metalartz

    New Bone Carving - Mo'o Wahine

    Lovely work.
  4. metalartz

    Damascus And Ebony

  5. metalartz

    Different Kind Of Carving

    that is beautiful!
  6. metalartz

    Cleaning Fine Files

    Brass brush, or wheel works well on some fine files. For very fine files or hard to clean files get a piece of scrap copper or brass and just push across the teeth to remove the crud. this will be slow but will remove every thing.
  7. metalartz

    Tortoise Shell Eye Glasses

    Thanks for sharing Larry so interesting how it is worked
  8. metalartz

    New Work Posted

    Wow, really nice. thank for sharing
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    absoutley awsome.
  10. metalartz

    This was a challenge

    looks great
  11. metalartz

    red copper with rokusho

    Thank you so much for this information. love your work David
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    Hi Mark Wolf tools are designed for wax, and they are sharp little tools. They are designed to scrap wax. That said they are steel and will work on other materials, but may get dull. they should work on ivory Kate Wolf makes them, email her at wolf tool and ask her. yes I use them, on wax, david
  13. metalartz

    Netsuke fakes on e-bay courtesy of Miguel Radio

    Hi all Would just like to add to what Jim Kelso said “The next level of protection is to document the creation's date by photography. The next level would be sending a photograph to yourself which you can prove the date of creation by sending it to yourself by certified mail and not opening it.” A certified letter can be opened and closed to fake the date of the photo, so it is not considered proof of date in some courts. If you were thinking of going this way I would get the photo notarized. Having the photo stamped and dated thought the photo. This way some one else has dated your photo and the post office has also dated the seal document. Remember to write on the outside what is inside so you can find the right letter when you need it. David