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  1. Hello Ed, it´s very difficult to do hands, even if you draw or paint or carve them. Your hand of oak? is a really good work. In another surrounding it could get a real surrealistic effect. Thanks for the mail. Harald
  2. Hello carvers, I hope, you can remember me. I had a lot of work in a jewellery company the last 14 years and was not able to carve all I wanted. Now I left the company and spend my time with carving netsuke again. I opened a website - netsuke.de - where I can show my works. I will present my work here on the forum and will be happy to discuss my and your work with you. Good carving - Hako
  3. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees, that´s a rabbit. Albrecht Dürer in wood. Thanks, Hako
  4. Hi, you also can look at www.dick.biz for tools Greetings to France , Hako
  5. Hello Tani, I lived on an island for 21 years. With thousands of tourists. But I started carving that time. I had a little "buddha" in wood from a tea shop. A plastic one also can do. One strait carvingnife a file and a piece of bruyere. So I tried to carve a piece like that , it took three or four weeks. With bruyere wood you can cut in all directions. I liked to do a copy , cause I concentrated on cutting and scraping. I still have this piece. You will make it your way. Hako
  6. Hi Nelson, yes, the little blowfish sits besides me on the sofa. He is one of my favourites.This is a blossom of oxbone. Another material.The innerpart is set into from behind, because the bone was hollow. Snow is nearly gone here in northern Germany and I feel a little spring. Good time to start something new. Greetings, Hako
  7. Hallo Janel, its a sewing machine table. I made 4 wheels under it and it has one ! electric cable only with plug. So I can go outside with my table, just need a socket. If there would be an electric dustcatcher , he could swollow small pieces or burs. I just wipe the dust into it with my hand or a broom . The table is always clean. ----my wife likes that , cause I sit in the living room. The hirado wasp is fixed to the pouch. There is no space between peach and legs. Greetings, Hako
  8. here is " nupsi" - a little bit erotic - isn´t it ? there is my hand - not erotic - but with a Tanaka Minko mushroom netsuke from the 18th century. That´s it - greetings - Hako
  9. Hallo carvers Hallo Ron , here is my workbench. Only what I need, its the true oposite to yours. I work on a rubberpiece, for cleaning drainage pipes. I call it nupsi. The hand lies good on it , to hold the netsuke. The dust falls through a grate into a box. I can take the grate out and clean the box . I like my place Greetings, Hako
  10. Hako

    my favourite

    Hallo all: This is my loved pouch. I bought it on Ebay in Japan. I like the knot in the cord and found a nearly equal one in the Tokyo National Museum. The Ojime is of rockcristal and the netsuke is an early 19th century Hirado porcelain one. I searched over 20 years to find such netsuke. Janel : " How do you like this netsuke ?" I love the kopenhagen porcelain and have some nice ones, that remind of your porcelain work. Hope you all enjoy this pic. Hako
  11. Hallo Natasha, I´m glad , you like the pieces. I use a special carvingwax, thats hard and can nearly be polished. Then I send it to a casting companie. There is only one in Germany, that does it in iron. I like bronze or silver too. For staining I use colrs for coloring cloth. Yellow, a little brown and a little grey. I was on your webside - uff There are so many fantastic pieces, and some that touch my heart. What a good laquerwork . I´ll write thereon. Greetings, Hako
  12. Hello carvers, I did a netsuke of a portugese , as I see it, in peroba rosa wood with buttons with inlaid diamonds. The portugese wanted to wear something extraordinary. 10 cm high. Now I will color him with oilcolor over ghesso. A foxmask of whaletooth - I love the material. 38mm high An onimask of iron. 39mm high A chestnut of porcelain . 37mm I try to build up a netsuke colection with a great variety of materials. Here the material is in the foreground, and it may be simple or abstract designs. I already showed some material netsuke , that I carved. each materia
  13. Hallo,hallo the samurai is a woodcutprint from Hokusai and so I can take it for engraving it on a silverplate. Thats not my idea, because there is such a kagamibuta in the Baur Collection. I love this picture. Full of humor. I work on a teakettle tanuki in silver. This one I made from wax and got it casted last week. Now I have to work it over. Its of two halves of wax, because it must be hollow. So it is ca 40g heavy. I finished an ebony minogame and a foxmask in ivory. Just am ready in this minutes with a humorous portugese with big hat and buttons of diamonds. He loves himself a
  14. Hallo again, the kagamibuta is in work - I will show it, when its ready. The bowl is an old one , the plate i make myself of 935 silver. I go to work everyday, and when I start carving in the evening, I have so many ideas in my little head, that I often start something to keep it in mind, or make scetches into my book. So there are always several pieces. I can´t wait till I´m ready with the one I work on. Waiting is nothing for me. Have a nice week, Hako
  15. Hallo Natasha, one of the most beautiful netsuke I have seen. Hokusai is my favourite too and I engrave a kagamibutaplate in silver with a samurai sitting on a toilet by him. Its in the Manga. Your work is very intricated and powerful. Do you work on one piece a time - or more. Do you carve simpler netsuke between for relaxing ? At the moment , I have 7 netsuke in different stages in work, so I can carve, what I like that special day. There is always a typical Natashafeeling in your work - thats I think, what admirers love. Greetings, Hako
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