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  1. Dear Ralph, Thanks for the time to respond. I have the book at home, if i can't get any info this week I will just wait until I am back nin the UK to read the info and finish the toki at home. Regards Leigh
  2. Dear all, new here so please be kind I am making a bone toki for my wife. She used to live in NZ and we honeymooned there so thats the reason. Now the question, I am struggling to find details on the web of how to attach the tread/cord to the top to make it into a pendant. I have "Bone Carving" by Stephen Myhre and remember it is a matter of creating a 4 strand platt then attaching this to the hole in the top. then 2 or 1? cords are removed and the remaining cord are wound (figure of 8 style ish) around the top to get the correct height, unwound and then the final recess carving is done. The cord can then be rewound and finished. Problem is I can not remember the detail and I left the book in the UK. I am currently in Grenoble on business and returning to UK next week and would love to finish this by then so I can give it to her on my return. Does anyone have any links either in this forum ( i have searched) or external with descriptions of the method. Many thanks in advance. regards Leigh