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  1. Hello Natasha, As always, your piece is very well designed and carved. It is beautiful and I thank you for sharing it.
  2. Hi James, Thank you for the photos of your tools. I may try to make a couple of those.
  3. Tom, that's a beautiful piece. Thanks for the explanation on it's intended use. I found that to be very education. I guess a lot of weapons were developed for specific needs.
  4. StixnCanes

    From Janel

    Hi Janel, I am so very happy to hear of your trip to the land of my ancestors. It will no doubt be an eye opening and life altering experience as all international travel tends to be, especially for your first trip. The five senses are assaulted by the "foreignness" of everything surrounding you. The sights, sound, customs, and tastes are mind numbing at first, not to mention seeing a people who's features are different than what you are accustomed to here. When I was there, I felt like an alien even though I look the same. Interestingly, the children often pointed to me and called me
  5. Hi Janel. What a breathtaking sight. And to think you're able to walk amongst it and merge with nature evn as the temperature is transforming it. You are fortunate.
  6. Hello Natasha, I have not been here for a while and you post was the first to catch my interest. I am very sorry to hear this. Isn't there a way of protecting your image/art as original through a copyright? I see this notice posted in carving books and on patterns. It seems to me that there must be a way of protecing proprietary work and pursuing and punishing violators. I know that counterfeiting is a very big business and many countries do not honor the copyright laws of other countries. Still, it is outrageous. I can only say even a blind person would be able to discern the
  7. Hi Davey, Cute little guy, makes you want to hold him.
  8. Hello Hako, I love your ojime beads, so small yet so powerful. Your Shojo is a very comical figure and very well carved too. Thank you for posting the photos.
  9. Hi Jake, I like the blade design and the eagle/hawk design is very different and very nicely carved. Thank you.
  10. Hello Cornel, This piece is absolutely mind numbing in its realism. I am enthralled with the patience to detail you manage to put into each project. I will never achieve this level of excellence but it motivates me to work harder on my carvings. Thank you for sharing this.
  11. StixnCanes

    New members

    Scott and Benzart, hello and welcome. It is always nice to hear the stories of carvers and how they got started, what lead them down the path and where they are now. Thank you for sharing your pics and the tiki link.
  12. Hi! Thank you for posting the pics and the description of what and where. I find it fascinating where the imagination is capable of taking one.
  13. Hello Hako, Those two moles are very cute. Makes you want to hold them.
  14. Hello LJ, Welcome and thank you for sharing your wonderful creations. I'm impressed by what you have achieved in such a short time at carving. One can only imagine the heights you will rise to given time.
  15. Vladimir, Absolutely remarkable works of art. Thank you for sharing.
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