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  1. Cornel

    Small Sculpture From Boxwood

    Dear Janel, This is the kind of creation/carving wich I so very like !!! Its amazing to see how You discover this story out of a raw piece of boxwood. I like your statement about the conversation with the carving, the tools, also yourself, while You are into the process to bring a new wonderful composition to the visible reality. This is an amazing adventure.......once more...... Thank You for sharing the photos and also your thougts about . I wish You much power and patient for the processes to make it complete !!! Cornel
  2. Cornel

    Miniature Purdy Shot Gun

    Hello Richard, This is an amazing miniature ! Great Job, Bravo !! Please show us some " work in progress " and more detailed photos. Thanks for sharing Cornel www.cornelschneider.ch
  3. Cornel


    Hi Debora, Once more, your work is amazing and inspiring ! Thanks for sharing Cornel
  4. Cornel

    I Finally Tried It

    Dear Janel, What a wonderful piece I very like the light and shadow effect ! This composition with blossom and leaf is amazing ! Thank You for this inspiration !!! Cornel
  5. Cornel

    Carved Holly Tray

    Dear Jim, Again a piece with an extraordinary express ! Congratulation !! Very inspiring !!! I am impressed about this style of carving......... simple clear lines and so much move. Thank You for have a look on it Cornel
  6. Cornel

    Pill Box

    Hello Richard, What an exciting piece........Congratulation !!! I very like the express of the leather and all components are in harmony together. How perfect You carved the basket........Respect ! Thank You for have a look at it Cornel
  7. Cornel


    Natasha ! What an unbelievable crazy composition You made with this sculpture......!!! I am veeeeery impressed......really...... and if I think about all the difficult corners and undercuts, the almost unpossible sections wich You have managed.......CONGRATULATION !!! :) How many patiently weeks,months and how much imaginative power must be in this sculpture........ ? Amazing and Wonderful !!! Cornel
  8. Cornel

    Iron Chasaji

    Dear Jim, Again an impressive example of your mastership to create a strong express with relative few lines !!! I also like the patina of the iron. Thank You for show us this piece ! Cornel
  9. Cornel

    New Project By Cornel Schneider

    Dear Natasha, Dear Oleg, Thank You for your positive attention I wish You both a very creative time ! Cornel
  10. Cornel

    New Project By Cornel Schneider

    Thank You all for the attention, the compliments Also if this piece was not so difficult like ukibori-adventures at example, I have had really fun to carve it. It is a "Hommage a Kano Tomokazu" ! I hope he would not be angry, that I took his design..... Cornel
  11. Cornel

    Baby Bird On Feathers

    Master Oleg ! Your new piece is again brilliant made, I very like the express !!! Cornel
  12. Dear Janel ! A BIIIIIIG thank to You for your unbroken motivation to manage this forum and to bring so much inspiration and joy to all us !!!!!!! Cornel
  13. Cornel


    Thank You all for the attention and compliments to the turtle I would like to create a second one this year, I will see.... Jim, Hans Holzach told me, that he was discuss with Don Fogg, or also with You on a blade forum, some years ago. he does admire your work very much !......me too !! I wish all a creative and content time ! Cornel
  14. Cornel

    Engraved Heron

    Jim, Again a beautyful work of your hands, I like it Very interesting to see this work in progress, always a fascination ! Jesterday was H.Holzach here in my workshop, do You remember ? the world is really small.... Thank You Jim for sharing your processes of making art ! Cornel
  15. Cornel

    New: Carved & Turned

    Dear Janel ! Sorry for my late reaction, its a long time ago since I was active here. Your carved turnings are superb made, beautyful The concept, also the idea with the lock-point is great!!! Thank You for inspiring us ! Cornel