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  1. laurent GERDIL

    Happy Anniversary to The Carving Path!

    Great thanks to you for this so interesting forum !! Congratulations and happy birthdays!
  2. laurent GERDIL

    Self-taught vs. having had a teacher

    I am self-taught like everyone else!!! And as natascha when I tried to enter to school of art, I was told I was not good enough! So ,I started carving my knife handle,............. and I continuous!
  3. laurent GERDIL


    thank you, gentlemen !!
  4. laurent GERDIL

    Cornel Schneider

    Salü cornel, I have had no time yet to say my admiration for this amazing carving!! I like particularly the skin of the neck!!! It is so alive!! A real crazy work! Thank you to show us the way!! And I hope that you is not buried under the snow these days !!
  5. laurent GERDIL

    Dragon dagger

    Thanks to all for these very encouraging compliments!! Natasha: You know I realy like much dragons too, they exist in all civilizations and are often very different!! There are many things to be made with them! Magnus : Yes, as I wanted him rather sensual, it was not needed scale but a smooth skin! And that changes a little ! Thanks for all again ......and happy new year !!
  6. laurent GERDIL


    thanks you toothy! Glad you like it !!
  7. laurent GERDIL

    2009 Happy New Year Wishes!!!

    no more to say...!! Happy carving for every one and thanks at all for this forum !
  8. laurent GERDIL

    Dragon dagger

    Thank you mike ! You know , ......I'am very glad too !
  9. laurent GERDIL

    Dragon dagger

    Thanks to you for your comments ! Nice that you like his express, cornel! I wanted him roguish and a little bit sensual, I am rather satisfied with it! Andrew: they are not marks of burning : it is the rest of the outside part of the teeth as you can see on the picture And it took me about 60, 70 hours
  10. laurent GERDIL

    Dragon dagger

    I would like to present you my last work: It' is dragon dagger , with a damascus blade by Victors Gille measuring 11,4 niches (29 cm) and a handle carved from mammoth ivory measuring 5.51 niches (14 cm) .
  11. laurent GERDIL


    Thanks for your comments! Salü Cornel, Nice you like it ! In fact ,I like much carving antler ! Is needed a lot of improvisation , according to forms very variable. very funny!! and lot of surprises !
  12. laurent GERDIL

    Rotten Stick Misericordia

    hi , tom I like your work !!!... very original and interesting !
  13. laurent GERDIL


    Hi , greg , nice to see you here !! You , and your beautfull work !!!
  14. laurent GERDIL

    From Janel

    Waouw !!! what a wonderful report!! Thanks a lot for theses beautyfull pictures ! It make dreaming !!
  15. laurent GERDIL


    hi spolunin, thanks a lot for your words!