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    Reading, walking, sailing boats, art and making all sorts of things - some good some could be better!
  1. Davey

    My First Netsuke

    I really love it, Bob. Think it would work in any medium but will look forward to seeing your next photies. Good Luck Dave
  2. Davey

    Happy New Year

    Happy New year to you, Mike and to everyone. Peace and health to all. My heart goes out to you, Mike, with your reduced hours. I had to take a job back in electronics nearly nine months ago as things got so bad. That has left me a lot of time to consider what I was doing and if I was doing it correctly/efficently/expertly enough. I came to the conclusion that if you want it enough you will get it but it is related to the amount of effort that you put in. Not so much in your craft but in your marketing - going further afield, contacting more people who can sell for you, advertising (cheaply) etc. Anyway thats my thought for 2010! Best o' luck Mike Davey
  3. I am in awe of your carvings, Joseph. I wish you well Regards Davey
  4. Davey

    Wax Dragon ring

    Hi Sam, That looks really great. Looking forward to seeing it in silver. Good luck. Davey
  5. Davey

    How is it possible

    Hi Doug, Thats a good piece of instruction, Doug. Many thanks Davey
  6. Davey

    How is it possible

    Debbie, There's no need to apologize. During my time in the navy I saw lots of similar places and can understand your feelings. Regards Davey
  7. Davey

    First attempt in cherry

    Janel, Thank you so much for your comment. Your advise, as usual, makes perfect sense. regards Davey
  8. Davey

    First attempt in cherry

    Many thanks for the comment
  9. Davey

    First attempt in cherry

    Many thanks for your comments, Doug. I take 'on board' (as we used to say in the navy) everything that you say. Happy days Davey
  10. Davey

    How is it possible

    Hi Magnus, I'd like to thank you and Doug for all the advice and info. There are many things for me to learn in the art of small carving. It just takes time and being in a position to closely examine things. Having made miniature furniture on and off over the past twenty years I can now tell what country a piece is made in and in a lot of cases who made it. It's like everything else in life I suppose, once you know something it sticks, when you dont know you ask. I get a thrill every day coming to look on the forum. There is always something new and kind people such as your good selves to help where ever possible. Kind Regards Davey
  11. Davey

    How is it possible

    Hi Janel, Maybe I picked the wrong image to show you what I meant. I agree with that particular one, not the best example. Perhaps you can see better from the url http://www.look-sea.com Regards Dave
  12. Davey

    How is it possible

    Think you are on the right track, Doug. In any event I'll put the url here so that you can see more clearly what I'm on about. Dave http://www.look-sea.com
  13. Davey

    How is it possible

    Hi Debbie, I agree with a lot that you say. Think that the carvers that did the items I'm referring to are more experienced than children. Yes, you're right about the slave labor but I don't know about not buying the items. We recently found out about one of the larger stores in town that was selling clothing at ridiculously low prices and it turns out that it was a case of extreme exploitation of labor. But what do you do? If everybody refuses to buy who suffers the most? Yes - the workers. Anyway better get back to the workshop. Regards Davey
  14. Davey

    How is it possible

    Hi Everyone, Can someone enlighten me? I was having a look round on the internet yesterday and came across a sight that was selling netsuke and other eastern crafts. The ones that I looked at, to my inexperienced eye, seemed very good indeed. The detail finish and colours are all something that I can aspire to. THEN I looked at the price!! $11 each (£6) !! How can anybody make these charming pieces for the price absolutely baffles me. Can anybody inform me as to how they do it? I know people work for a lot less in some parts of the world than others but this is virtually giving it away. Or is it me just being naive? Kind Regards Davey