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  1. rmiller3

    From Janel

    Hi Janel: Have a great trip in Japan. I know you'll not only learn a tremendous amount; but will make many enduring friendships. Your work is so well known now, they should make you a "living" legend. As to taking objects into and back from Japan, You might do what I have done. When you are leaving and going through the customs at this (the US) end, ask to make out a specific declaration for the items. The customs people have these forms. When you do that, they'll certify the form. With the form and the items, you should be able to re-enter the US with them without trouble. I have done this with expensive electronics that "might" have been acquired overseas and therefore taxable on entry to the US. But above all - have FUN!!! Can't wait to see photos and hear of your experiences. BTW, the idea of even a hand written diary is excellent. At "the time" I figured I could never forget things. But without writing them down, I find I would had they not been written down. So, even if it is a little 3x6" note pad, take notes! Ralph
  2. rmiller3

    Peter Rabbit

    Amazing, simply amazing.
  3. Hi Janel, Keying on your posting, I'm wondering if there's enough material now to consider creating a workbook series based on the postings. I know members range from world-class, like yourself, to us plebes who just muddle along. I see several "categories" that might be collected and published - knife handles, metalwork, japanese styles of all types, tool making, techniques etc. Ralph
  4. No idea how to answer you. There are many online bookstores where you could pro'ly find a copy. Amazon can find your book. It is $37. Bone Carving Bone Carving by Stephen Myhre (Paperback - Jul 31, 2000) Buy new: $37.61 Not in stock; order now and we'll deliver when available Eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping. 3.0 out of 5 stars (2) Books: See all 5 items Ralph
  5. Your snail with the little ladybug (beetle) is lovely. Ralph
  6. rmiller3

    Japanese Boxes

    You're right, Janel, turmeric is mildly insecticidal. Ralph
  7. rmiller3

    introduction newbee

    Railroad spikes. Now there must be a gazillion of them lying around everywhere. Good idea that. G'day mate! Ralph
  8. rmiller3


    All good stuff and all. I take a somewhat existential view. Excellence is its own reward. If I'm satisfied, the view of others is nice but not necessary. Selfish sounding? Maybe. But I think all artists (whatever the art) have to start there else it's all just ego on parade. Ralph (before first cup of coffee in AM)
  9. Hi Sebas, My cousin's father was a sugar agronomist who used to collect artifacts in the caves of the Na Pali coast on Kauai. Most of his collections are now in the Bishop in Oahu, but I have a few mother of pearl fish hooks that he collected and were given to me by my aunt. Your examples are very like them. Do you work from photos or artifacts? Ralph p.s., good luck in selling your work in CA.
  10. rmiller3

    Lasco Diamonds Industrial Carbide Bur Review

    Hi, OK, thanks for that. I bought some of the diamond burrs and use them on hard woods. I got #40 and #80 grit burrs. Great things for getting the inside of concave surfaces. Ralph
  11. rmiller3

    Lasco Diamonds Industrial Carbide Bur Review

    Do you use any sort of cooling when using these burrs? I would think very hard substances - such as steel - would generate a great deal of heat putting the diamond coating in jeopardy. Ralph
  12. rmiller3

    Kanazuchi Hammer

    Apparently, from your photos, the round stock is other than just mild steel because there appears to be two "layers" in the stock. What stock are you using? Did you case harden it first? Ralph
  13. rmiller3

    Potassium Permanganate on Antler

    Hi Karl, Didn't mean to be heavy handed. Just be careful. My mom was from Kekaha on Kauai. Are you anywhere near there? Mahalo, Ralph
  14. rmiller3

    Potassium Permanganate on Antler

    Yes, and there's a reason Potassium Permangenate is being watched. It can be used as part of an explosive mixture. I recall from college chemistry that it can be highly dangerous if not toxic. Be careful in using it!!! Ralph