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    Art in all its expressions
  1. Antonio Cejunior

    Wax Carvin and Laser outline

    Salut Serge, I will most certainly share the project with you all. There are two variations, reason why it must be done in laser. and serving two different purposes.
  2. Antonio Cejunior

    Wax Carvin and Laser outline

    Bonjour Serge, It is most kind of you. Merci beaucoup. It is not for sale purposes A good friend is taking care of helping me with a CNC laser company. Bless you anyway
  3. Antonio Cejunior

    Wax Carvin and Laser outline

    Bonjour Sergio, The name... êtes vous Portugais ou Brésilien? I think it would be showing the welding as it would be extremely difficult and I am more of a designer of sorts than a jeweler. It is to be made in silver, not gold I know how fulfilling it would be to make something with your own hands, but that would require a full time dedication to one single discipline. I prefer to remain in the conceptual realm although making sure it is feasible. Thank you.
  4. Antonio Cejunior

    Wax Carvin and Laser outline

    Hi Sam, and Harryman and Janel, That was what I thought about. I could figure out the process, but my problems are: 1- very little free time. 2- some urgency in getting it done 3- trying to have it done without a failure. One slip and it would be another try. This project is unfinished because I could not have the time for it. This was five years ago. Anyway it's being taken care of I was able to convert the files into Auto CAD files. Here's another detail of the bedding to house the onyx stone: So I figure the laser CNC company will understand it pretty well if I further add that the stylized chrisanthemum leaves should appear like this Lalique dragonfly wings Thank you all for the great inputs.
  5. Antonio Cejunior

    Wax Carvin and Laser outline

    Thanks Jim. I've already emailed you. I'm more on the conceptual side of things rather than a carver which I would love to be, but time does not allow Obrigado
  6. Antonio Cejunior

    Greetings from Macau

    Hello Jim, Thank you my friend. I must say I disagree with your kind words. It is me who is seeking improvement.
  7. Antonio Cejunior


    Greetings DCallaghan, I'm a newbie here and you must have returned home eventually. I live in Macau, which is another kind of China. Anyway, here's a report on some of my travels in China in which I was able to use a digital camera. Look forward to hear and see your pictures. Best
  8. Antonio Cejunior

    Greetings from Macau

    Thank you Hyllyn, In Portuguese is Obrigado as in Obliged. Different from Gracias as you may well know Well, you can always email me and re-register. But it is nice here as well Very best
  9. Antonio Cejunior

    Greetings from Macau

    Hi Janel, Thank you very much for the kind welcome. I guess I am more interested in learning from you all. Most kind of you
  10. Antonio Cejunior

    Wax Carvin and Laser outline

    Greetings everyone. I am here to learn. Therefore may I ask a technical question. I have designed a jewelry piece to be cast from wax carving. Now my problem is that its sillouete is rather complicated for a piece that is 70 mm in height. as you can see it has very detailed and intricated outline. I thought about having it laser cut in a wax sheet 5~6 mm thick (pardon my English) and then I would be able to do the carving to achieve the result below. Therefore, once the sillouete was laser cut - is it feasible at this thickness? - I could start carving both the bedding for the onyx and the stylized crysanthemum leaves. I have emailed this company but they didn't even bother to answer. The issue is that this is part of a larger project and I'm more of a designer than a carver, although I humbly know I can do the rest. Would appreciate any inputs, considering that I have very little spare time and know that trying to do it manually would be a disaster. Thank you all
  11. Antonio Cejunior

    Colorado Metalsmiths Conference

    Great Jim Would really love to hear more about it, when your page is done.
  12. Antonio Cejunior

    Photographs of a Macrocosmos

    Greetings, Allow me to share with you all the photographs of last year's album Macrocosmos Since it is open to non carving I dare to share with you all. Thank you.
  13. Antonio Cejunior

    Greetings from Macau

    Greetings to everyone here at the Carving Path Forum. My name is António Conceição Júnior but because of difficulties in pronouncing Portuguese, I adopted long ago the aka Antonio Cejunior. I live in Macau and have been friends with Jim Kelso for quite some years now. I hope to learn from you all. Thank you