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  1. Ron Scupham

    Working with Antler

    Sorry but this is a question! I live in queensland,australia,and the deer species here are red deer. I have worked with this on knife handles and scrimshaw on the crowns but find crving it to be rather disappointing because of the porous nature of the antler. So to the question, what species of deer is the best for carving netsuki? re this link to netsuki carving in japan :- http://ameblo.jp/rokusho-dou/entry-11909065222.html It seems to me that this is solid all the way through! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ron https://www.facebook.com/scuppostuff
  2. Ron Scupham

    Make Your Own Kumihimo Loom And Weighted Tama

    You can find this set up in Stephen Myres book ( I hope I spelt it right)
  3. Ron Scupham

    Tools For Carving Ivory

    Hi Brad Check out this site, it has some tutorials on making netsuki carving tools for Ivory. I dont see why they cant be used for other mediums as well. http://followingtheironbrush.org/viewforum.php?f=57&sid=f8b1ab214896da00d5e616dd841d0016
  4. Ron Scupham

    Greetings from Czech Republic

    Hi ya! I see you finally made it! Welcome to one of the best sites for carvers. You Know me from FB. Cheers Ron
  5. Ron Scupham

    This was a challenge

    Thanks! Hey I agree! Didn't have anything appropriate at the time eg: amber etc.. I still can change the eyes by inlaying some Mother of Pearl for the pupil but it seems that it might be arse about if I did this. Cheers Ron
  6. Ron Scupham

    This was a challenge

    Hi Christophe It seems that you have mistaken the image, as it isn't an OCTOPUS but a SQUID. Cheers Ron
  7. Ron Scupham

    This was a challenge

    Hi Ya Just ordinary Cow bone Ron
  8. Ron Scupham

    This was a challenge

    This was a challenge! This was an attempt to carve very intricate detail into this piece by bringing out the tentacles from the material and also getting the ebony eyes to bulge a bit. The toggle for this is a carved bone in the shape of a shell. The greatest challenge were getting the suckers small enough without losing the detail. I would like everybody's "constructive comments" on this piece. Cheers Ron
  9. Ron Scupham

    New to the Forum

    Finally got here mate!
  10. Ron Scupham

    G'day :)

    Hi ya mate and welcome to this site. Where in Australia are you? There are some carvers in Au. but you can learn heaps here. If you need any questions asked I will try to answer them. I have some links for you, just drop me an e-mail ( rb_57@pivit.net.au) Also check out the carvers on Facebook they have a few groups on there. As to your pieces very well done, i see you found the tea stain. Cheers Ron
  11. Ron Scupham

    Hello from Saskatchewan , Canada

    Good to see you here mate. Great work!
  12. Ron Scupham

    Staining Bone

    I agree with Boneart about copying others work, sure get inspiration from it but don't copy. Me! I love Kerry's work but it is a style that I personally isn't mine! Sure we can practice some of his techniques but that is all it is, practice! Not copying his designs! http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/ron.scupham http://www.etsy.com/shop/dragonrising
  13. Ron Scupham


    Welcome Ken! I'm sure the members will only to happy to take you up on the offer of help and thank you for your generosity! Cheers Ron
  14. Ron Scupham

    Wyoming Jade Tailbone

    Hey Billy were all odd in Aussie! Hey Jase?
  15. Ron Scupham

    Hello from Florida!

    Hi ya mate. About time you got here! This site has been great place for help and inspiration, your gunna enjoy yourself. Heh post some images of your work on show and tell so everybody can enjoy your work. Cheers mate Ron